The People: Grading The Best Name For The Fans

Matt OffermannCorrespondent IOctober 17, 2010

The People: Grading The Best Name For The Fans

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    We all have heard it when wrestlers refer to us (the fans) as a specific name. I am here to grade a few of them. From ones that are just awesome to ones that when we hear it we just laugh.

    Some of these you may have heard of and some maybe you have not, but if you are a die-hard wrestling fan chances are you have heard of all of these.

    Let's get started.


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    We start with the best. Hulk Hogan dubbed his fans the Hulkamaniacs.

    This fit in well with his style of wrestling and the crazy in-ring, I don't know what to call it but when he waves his hand to his ear in every corner of the ring. This move along with the famous YOU point absolutely drove the fans wild.

    If this were a list this would have to be No. 1, but it is a grade.

    Final Grade: A 

The Peeps

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    You all know I cant write an article and not include the man, Captain Charisma (Christian).

    The Peeps.

    This was actually a funny story to how this came about.

    This event actually started the beginning of the peeps.

    It all started with a segment between Christian and the Rock. During this time of Christian's career he was the Rock's "buddy" and kind of modified the Rock's name for fans. He eventually would get a segment on Raw called "The Peep Show".

    As you can see in the photo above to the right this is the famous "Where my peeps at?" look. He also does the chest beat and point to the peeps.

    So while I like Christian a lot, no homo, I can't be biased here since it is on a grade and he did borrow it from the Rock.

    Final Grade: C+    Only because he made it work and still does.

The People

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     While most people now hate the Rock, back in the day he was awesome. He had the best mic skills ever.

     His name for us was The People.

     Now while this name is kind of boring, it never failed to get a pop from the crowd every time it was said.

     Final Grade: B     The name was boring but it did lead to Christian getting one and it worked for him.

Cole Miners

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    The first time I heard this was when Edge was giving his apology to the GM.

    Now I can honestly say that when I heard this I could not stop laughing at it. It was without a doubt the funniest thing I have ever heard Michael Cole say.

    Final Grade: B+ 

    It is a long video but if you fast forward to 8:25, you can hear it.


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    Now we have Y2J. This name is a classic. It has been around for a while and has got to be top five names if not No. 1.

    Final Grade: B+


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    Test-icles. Enough said.

    Final Grade: A

    Although this name was given to him for the fans by Stephanie McMahon it will always be one of the funniest ever.

    RIP Andrew Martin


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    I personally don't like this name. When I first thought about doing this article I actually thought they were called the Edge-ecutioners.  

    Final Grade: C-   Just because he never uses it.