Brett Favre-Jenn Sterger Scandal: Where Are the Facts? Part II of III

Mary Ann ReitanoContributor IIIOctober 17, 2010

The Accused - Brett Farve
The Accused - Brett FarveDoug Benc/Getty Images

Part II:  The Allegations

Most of you already know the general details, so I won’t rehash the story that has been exclusively, and interestingly enough, only’s.  The breaking story is here, then follow-ups here, here and here.

Yet, after reading all of Jenn’s social media sites, it is hard to believe that someone who thinks so highly of herself would feel the need to share such a story with someone whose livelihood was based on breaking scandalous stories two years after the fact?

Jenn apparently hates being talked about behind her back (see YouTube video in yesterday’s story) yet isn’t this exactly what she is doing here? Telling a story to impress?  The pieces of the Deadspin articles just don’t seem to fit well enough for me.

Oh! Jenn has also written multiple monthly blog posts since early 2006 through 2010, yet interestingly enough, there are no posts between Aug. 12, 2008 and Nov. 28, 2008...her entire time with the Jets.  Were these deleted when the story broke?

Then there is the story itself.  The purported events took place in the fall of 2008 and Sterger kept the entire situation quiet until Feb. 2010 while having an off-colored conversation with the editor of 

According to her MySpace page, Jenn has a degree in criminology and psychology.  One would think she would comprehend human nature well enough to know that anything she said would be a potential story…FSU might want its diploma back.

Taking this a step further, we are next told that Deadspin sat on this story for some *six* months.  Then suddenly for some unforeseen reason, they suddenly decide to strong-arm Jenn into putting her name to the story and some secret third party hands over the pictures and audio files that Jenn had on her computer just days before the Minnesota Vikings play the NY Jets?

The story would have had no legs if she refused to put her name to it and certainly would have died a quick death if she didn’t turn over the evidence to Why did she cooperate with

Which leads to the next question: Why keep the audio files and cell phone photos?  Her reasoning according to Deadspin was that she thought it was “funny.” 

There couldn’t have been any malice in her heart thinking that she could use this one day to help her career because, after all, she is “just a good person.”

This is where the story begins to fall apart because in the initial article, the writer alludes to the fact that he doesn't have the photos or the voicemails, "Maybe those photos will surface at this point, since I assume many people would like to hear her side of this story."  Surface?

According to Deadspin, Favre wasn’t the only professional athlete who sent unsolicited sexually explicit photos to Jenn.  Well, who were the others?  Where are their photos?  Their voice messages from her cell phone?  Why did Deadspin decide to exclusively out Brett Favre and not the other athletes? 

How exactly did this self-proclaimed sarcastic quick-witted sports personality “spurn” Favre’s advances?  The details are again lacking in the articles in question.  I think with Jenn’s talents as a wordsmith that she would have found a very simple and effective way to make sure that No. 4 knew she was not interested. 

Ask any married man with a lot to lose what the best way to spurn them off is—threaten to tell the wife.  That is all it would have taken.  Again, FSU might want their diploma back.

The next interesting part of this drama is the fact that Jenn gave her cell number to someone who simply claimed to be with the Jets.  Now, folks, I don’t know about you, but when you are dealing with professionals, particularly in a public relations setting, getting a business card from an individual is usually the very first thing that transpires. 

Yet this criminology/psychology major who makes a living off her looks and has men flirt with her regardless of the venue, just gave her cell number out to a complete stranger?

If she gave her cell number to someone claiming to be representing Favre, why would he have needed to put his cell number on her MySpace page asking her to call him? The sequencing is just not right here. 

As if all of this weren’t enough,  in the second article that Deadspin posts about this scandal, the editor now mentions the ever cliché “according to documents we’ve obtained” Jenn was contacted by a Jets media relations manager named Jared Winley to serve as an intermediary for Favre. 

Umm, where are the documents? 

You can post audio files of a man who never identifies himself as Brett Favre and the now infamous sexually explicit shots; yet you can’t post the one thing that shows a direct correlation between the two parties at the center of this scandal that you created and have exclusively reported?

In closing, Deadspin has nothing but conjecture at this point yet just about everyone is roasting  Favre on a spit and no one is looking at the facts or attempting to corroborate one accusation that these articles make.  It seems some just want to believe it and the truth be damned. 

Is it conceivable that this story was fabricated to make both and Jennifer Sterger household names to sports aficionados?  


Tomorrow, Part III of III – The ‘So-called’ Evidence