TNA’s Impact delivers an epic fail

SlamZillaContributor IOctober 16, 2010

After months of build up and hype , and after months of Abyss screaming at the top of his lungs that “They” are coming, when it was finally revealed who “They” are, as most suspected, it was a letdown.

     First of all, the whole notion that the mysterious “They” in question were coming, implied that they were an outside party that was coming in, and not people already in TNA.  Of course this could be the whole reason for Sting throwing around the word deception, except that for some reason the two storylines were never linked together.  This was probably done on purpose, but it made for a battle between Sting, Nash,  and the Pope, against Jeff Jarrett and Samoa Joe utterly meaningless and confusing.  But putting that aside, lets just focus on this whole “They” issue, and why it is such a horrible idea.

     This past Fridays Impact serves as a perfect example of what we can expect as this terrible re-creation of an NWO angle plays out.  First of all, how on Earth can a show justify going almost an hour before having their first match?  And when they did finally put somebody in the ring, it was Tara laying down to allow Madison Rayne to reclaim the Knockouts Title, because she owed her job to Madison.  So this really didn’t even count as an actual match.  That didn’t take place, according to the counter on my DVR, until an hour and fifteen minutes into the show.  This is the sort of thing that makes even hard core fans like myself want to finally throw in the towel and say enough is enough, I refuse to watch this garbage.

     The second thing that is ruining the show, is a little trick that WCW used to pull.  Ending main events as they go off the air.  In TNA’s case, they are having the main event spill over to their new show, “Reaction”  I gave this a chance for the first couple of weeks, thinking that they were just doing it to get some interest in the new show, and then they would stop.  They haven’t.  In fact, there was only about five minutes of the Impact main event shown before it went off the air.  Now I have to start setting my DVR to record an extra half hour, just so I can catch the end of the main event.  It really isn’t a big deal, but it is an annoying little game that wasn’t funny back when WCW did it, and its not funny now.

     The third point has to deal with what looks like some sort of NWO style super group comprised of Hogans band of misfits, and Fourtune.  It was obvious that in a war between Hogans group, and the much larger and younger stable headed by Flair, that The Nature Boy’s group would be dominant.  So why on Earth would they join up with Hogan?  I guess now it doesn’t matter why, but it could have made for some good matches.  But now that they are aligned, all we can expect is what we got a taste of this past Friday.  Matches like The Pope taking on almost the entire Fourtune group itself.   I really don’t know how much I can tolerate of this giant group, beating down the rest of the TNA roster week after week, until the tide somehow turns.  The NWO invasion angle was done once, I really wish people would stop trying to replicate it again and again.

     I really hope that this past Fridays Impact was simply a mental burp on the part of the writers, because I shudder to think about just how fast they will start to lose viewers if that sort of nonsense keeps up.