ALCS 2010 And NLCS 2010: Hottest WAGs of the MLB Playoffs

Nathaniel UyFeatured ColumnistOctober 16, 2010

ALCS 2010 And NLCS 2010: Hottest WAGs of the MLB Playoffs

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    It's down to four teams for the World Series Championship.  The Phillies, Giants, Yankees and Rangers are going to duke it out in their respective championship series.

    We can sit here and talk about baseball games and potential matchups.  But there's already plenty of that going around.  We're here to talk about WAGs.

    Which team has the most beautiful WAGs in baseball?  View the slideshow to find out.

    Here are the hottest wives and girlfriends of the MLB Championship series.

Honorable Mention: Alyssa Milano—Barry Zito

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    These were better times for Giants pitcher Barry Zito.

    He used to date, super hot actress Alyssa Milano and he was actually a very good pitcher.

    Now, none of that is true.

    Zito was actually left off the NLDS and NLCS playoff roster by the San Francisco Giants.

20. Giants: Baubi Huff—Aubrey Huff

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    Aubrey Huff has been a journeyman in major league baseball, playing for five different MLB teams.

    He's also played five different positions in his career, including designated hitter.

    Aubrey has been known for wearing a red rally thong during the playoffs. 

    I wonder what Baubi thinks of it?  Or, was it really her idea?

19. Rangers: Katie Hamilton—Josh Hamilton

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    This busty blonde is credited with sticking it out with hubby Josh, during all of his alcohol and substance abuse problems.

    Now in recovery, Josh was said to have celebrated his ALDS win against the Tampa Bay Devil Rays with a ginger ale celebration, instead of champagne.

18. Giants: Marianne Rowand—Aaron Rowand

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    Who's behind one of the Giants highest paid players?


    Her and hubby Aaron have been married for over a decade and are raising two young sons together.

17. Phillies: Nicole Oswalt—Roy Oswalt

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    With all the recent talk of Roy Halladay, there's been little time to realize that Phillies have another very good pitcher in Oswalt.

    Don't forget that this Roy won the NLCS MVP in 1995, while with the Houston Astros.  And his hot wife was probably there to witness it.

16. Giants: Kristen Posey—Buster Posey

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    This picturesque blonde is the better half of Buster Posey.

    Buster's had a breakout year for the Giants and has been integral in their playoff run and success this season.

15. Rangers: Christina Barbos—Michael Young

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    Here's a hint: She's the only female in the photo.

    The Youngs were said to have met while in high school together in the Los Angeles area.

14. Phillies: Brandy Halladay—Roy Halladay

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    Call her Mrs. No-No.

    She's the woman behind the man who threw only the second no-hitter in MLB postseason history.

    I'm sure she's played a small role in helping Roy become the lights out pitcher that he is today.

    Remember, Halladay also pitched a perfect game this year.

13. Amber Sabathia—C.C. Sabathia

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    The man holding on to that beautiful smile is none other than, Yankees starting pitcher, C.C. Sabathia.

    You wouldn't let go either if Amber was in your arms.

12. Yankees: Karen Burnett—A.J. Burnett

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    A.J. has had a terrible season with a 5.26 ERA and 15 losses.

    But the Yankees are still hopeful he can help their playoff run as a fourth starter.

    Let's just be hopeful we see more of his wife.

11. Phillies: Jennifer Utley—Chase Utley

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    What a cute candid moment for the Utley's.

    There's Jen with a naughty smile on her face.


10. Yankees: Joanna Garcia—Nick Swisher

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    Nick Swisher is a lucky guy.

    Because he's engaged to marry this hottie television celebrity.

    Joanna has been on television's Reba, Gossip Girl and Privileged.

9. Phillies: Julia Werth—Jayson Werth

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    Beers, a beautiful bride and a World Series.

    How else can it get better for Jayson Werth?

    That's right, he get two World Series championships in his career.

8. Phillies: Krystle Campbell—Ryan Howard

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    She's the Philadelphia Eagles cheerleader that's made quite a name for herself in the media.

    Prior to the start of the NFL season, Krystle supposedly irked cheerleading teammates when she missed out on practice and played hooky because she was rumored to be hanging out with beau Ryan Howard.

7. Phillies: Stephenie Lagrossa—Kyle Kendrick

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    Lagrossa and Kendrick have been engaged since 2009.

    But if she looks familiar, that's because she's been on Survivor.

    Three times.


6. Phillies: Johari Smith Rollins—Jimmy Rollins

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    My Mrs. Rollins, what beautiful eyes you have.

    Oh Sorry, Jimmy...I forgot for a second that she was taken.

    Take it out on the field, man.  Not on me.

5. Yankees: Laura Posada—Jorge Posada

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    Check out Mrs. Posada.

    She definitely stays in very good shape.

    Jorge, you are lucky to have had such a great career.  But you are even luckier to have her as your wife.

4. Phillies: Heidi Hamels—Cole Hamels

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    Heidi is another former Survivor contestant.

    She married star left-handed pitcher Cole Hamels in 2006 and his career has been on the upswing since.

    He won the NLCS MVP, World Series MVP and the World Series in 2008.

    This year, he's aimed for more postseason success.

4. Giants: Heidi DeRosa—Mark DeRosa

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    Unfortunately for the Giants, Mark is on the 60-day DL and out for the season.

    But despite his injury, Mark gets to spend his recovery time with his trophy wife, Heidi.

    Isn't it hard to feel sorry for Mark, who gets to miss out on playing in the postseason?

2. Yankees: Cameron Diaz—Alex Rodriguez

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    Last year it was Kate Hudson that brough A-Rod good luck as he finally won a World Series title with the New York Yankees.

    But he reportedly dissed Kate for being too clingy.

    Let's see what Cameron can do for him.

1. Yankees: Minka Kelly—Derek Jeter

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    Jeter is a serial dater, who may have just found his match.

    Kelly and Jeter have both been quiet about rumors that they've been planning a November wedding for the past year.

    Could there be another Yankees World Series and a wedding in the near future?

    We'll find out soon enough.  Play ball!