Nebraska Football: Liveblogging The Big Red Failure

Nebraska FansContributor IOctober 16, 2010

2:36 Texas gets the touchback. here we go!!!

2:38 1st grounding call in the history of Nebraska Fotball

2:39 Martinez on the draw gets 14 so we punt

2:40 Texas with a big return on several missed tackles

2:42 Gilbert with a big run on the called qb draw down to the 10

2:42 Nebraska forces the FG try.  Lucky, we didn't get a lot of pressure there.

2:48 ABC announcers say Memorial Stadium is the best venue in college football

2:48 fumble Texas gets the ball

2:49 review,, it belongs to Texas, they can't overturn this

2:52 incomplete pass, very close, looks like Kirkendoll lost it when he hit the ground.

2:54 Texas takes advantage of the blitz with another qb draw and gets a 1st down inside the 10

2:55 Nebraska timeout.  The DL is being handled by Texas right now.  We are only putting 1 or 2 linebackers on the field with each play, obviously, Texas wants to play it safe, we should go after the run game by loading the box against them after this break. 

2:58 The naked bootleg by Gilbert for the TD.  Nebraska goes with everyone but the qb. On the replay, Pierre Allen is allowing himself to be hooked or blocked out whenever Texas desires

3:01 Texas is loading the box. 

3:02 Another 3 and out.  Martinez misses an open receiver by throwing the ball too much to the inside.  If he throws that ball to the outside the Texas defender would have been unable to make a play on the ball.  As it was, it should have been caught.  Nebraska looks terribly predictable on offense. 

3:06 Thank god for the Nebraska secondary.  Dennard was big-time on that pass breakup of the deep ball.

3:07 qb draw is easily the most successful play for Texas so far.

3:09 finally, Allen gets a little pressure on 3rd down.  First stop for the Nebraska D.

3:11 Nebraska continues to be predictable and run Martinez first down.  Then, with the pass on second down, there is no short option, so Martinez scrambles for only 1 yard.

3:13 On 3rd down, Martinez scrambles for a 1st down.  This doesn't look good.

3:15 On 1st down Martinez throws the ball way too hard and Niles Paul drops a pass where he was uncovered.  We would be looking at 1st and goal... at least, if he had caught that pass.  Lots of room to run.

3:18 With the last play of the first half,,, we should have seen a late hit call against Texas against Martinez on the -2 yard run by  Burkhead.  Anyway:


Texas is clearly keying the run on every play, and daring the Huskers to throw the ball.  Niles Paul, after dropping a pass, catches two more.  On the second catch he breaks a tackle and goes for 20+ yards.  Clearly, the passing lanes are open for the Huskers.  We definitely need to look at the choreographed passing game to break some big plays.

3:20 Modern Family commercials from ABC look good. 

3:22 Burkhead drops a wide open pass for a TD.  Goat of the week, no matter what.  Great call by Shawn Watson.  At this point, all that is required by the Husker O is to throw the ball to wide open receivers.  2 dropped passes are really hurting.

3:27 Blackshirts starting to get the upper hand.  Gilbert went for the easy throw there.  NOTHING SHOULD BE EASY AGAINST THE BLACKSHIRTS!!!!!!

3:30 Every time the Huskers present a read-option situat the Longhorns blitz.  Nebraska needs to offset this by throwing the ball on early downs or by running power plays to take advantage of this.  D. J. Jones with the false start doesn't help.

3:38 Nebraska crowd goes beserk and draws the timeout before the delay of game.  The DL looks really slow.  We should have had Gilbert for a loss rather than a 5 yard gain on that last play.

3:44 After a missed tackle on a short pass had the ball on the 10 yard line, and then runs it in for the score.  Nebraska Defense looks out of sorts.  Texas has us completely off balance.  Our offense needs to attack.

3:48 passing lanes are wide open, another big gain to Niles Paul.  This game is ours if we want it.

3:50 Hurry up offense? All I saw was Martinez not finding a receiver.  At least Helu comes through with the 1st down run.

3:53 Niles Paul drops a big pass play.  The read option is being defended very well by Texas.

3:59 Martinez keeping the ball once again on the read option.  The fumble is recovered by Nebraska.  Once again, the read option is not working.

4:03 Missed call by the officials, after the holding penalty, there should have been a false start against the right guard from Texas.  As it stands, 3rd and 10 on the Nebraska 10 with 1:46.

4:07 And Texas runs out the clock to end the 1st half.


Nebraska has had two big opportunities to score, but dropped both passes.  Clearly, Texas has sold out against the run.  Nebraska needs to stop trying to force the read option.  It is pretty clear that the choreographed passing game and the normal drop back passing is wide open.  Once Nebraska shows an ability to beat them with the pass, the running game will be breaking long runs.  As it is, the Helu fumble hurts, but the Big Red is forcing the qb run game right now.  Martinez has too many carries on the read option.  Right now, we need to focus on the RB run game and work on making some plays in the passing game.

Score check: BYU and Boise St. are close, Iowa is beating U of M 21-7, and Arkansas and Auburn are close.

4:33 Initial stop by the blackshirts, but the offense will start on the 2 yard line

4:34 According to reports, Texas is missing two defenders due to injury in this half.  After the second Martinez fumble, and a 3rd down run (on 3rd and 9). Nebraska has to punt.  IT doesn't look like Nebraska has made any changes.

4:35 late hit on the punt will give Texas the ball on the 35 yard line of Nebraska

4:39 Pass interference, highly questionable.  They called Amukamara, but unless they called a late jam, the ball was uncatchable.

4:42 Nebraska gets really lucky as Texas drops a pass in the endzone that should have been a Texas TD.  Texas kicks the field goal to go ahead 20-3.

4:46 Nebraska misses a sure first down as the Kyler Reed 1st down catch is ruled an incompletion.  Reed's right foot is clearly down first, and inbounds. Instead, it is a Nebraska punt and Texas has the ball.

4:49 Ruling on the field is that Texas runner is down. It's the right call, but since they missed the last one, they are going to review this call.

4:52 Zac Lee is in the game now.  Jesus Christ.

5:04 Apparently no one is reviewing up in the booth.  The Texas player touched a ball that had clearly crossed the plane of the endzone.  Instead of having the ball at the 20, Nebraska gets the ball at the 6.  Nebraska gets the ball on the 6.  Nebraska has gained several first downs now with Lee in the game.  That being said, we need Martinez.  The only thing that Lee does better is ride the back on the read option.  It doesn't help that Paul can't catch the ball.  Nice throw by Lee to get the ball to Kinnie on the 3rd down.

5:07 Lee's drive, that started on the 6, gets a field goal to cut the lead to the 14 - 20-6.  Once again, Nebraska misses two opportunities when Niles Paul drops two passes - one in the endzone. 

5:08 Finally, the kickoff coverage has a good play.


4th quarter: So far, the Blackshirts are clearly still guarding against the Texas passing game, instead of creeping up to stop the run.  As it stands, unless the Huskers get a big play, I don't see how they can come back and win this game. 

5:15 Zac Lee clearly makes better reads, the only issue is that the Huskers need to score quickly here.

5:18 The fumbled snap will make a 3rd and short into a 4th and 1.  The Huskers pick it up, even though the line judge takes a yard off of the run.

5:21 Niles Paul continues to catch short passes, on this one, he gets a first down and will get some bonus yardage as a result of the late hit.  Actually, there are two penalties, but Nebraska will get the first down. Neither penalty counts.

5:24 With 8 minutes left, Nebraska has to go for it on 4th down.  Helu picks up the first down on the passing play.  The call is reversed by a holding call against Sirles.  This is a phantom call as Acho completely blew Sirles up. Kinnie drops the ball on 4th and 18 that should have been a TD.

5:27 Commentators are right when they say that Nebraska QBs have been good, Nebraska receivers have been terrible.

5:31 As the ABC telecasts posts the stat of 8 dropped passes, Texas rumbles for another 1st down.  This one is over.  There are 5 min. left, but there is no way that the Huskers can come back from this.  We have missed too many opportunities.

5:36 50 yard field goal for Texas, they try the quick kick and Nebraska's Eric Hagg takes it all the back for the TD!!!!!!!!!!!! 13-20 Nebraska trails by 7 with 3 minutes left.

5:42 For some reason we don't kick it deep and Texas gets the ball on the Nebraska 42. Nebraska calls a timeout after the first run, a gain of 2 yards.  That is Nebraska's last timeout.

5:46 Texas, with a big 1st down run, will probably be able to kneel out the clock. 

5:50 Illegal substitution against Nebraska will give Texas a first down.  This one is over.


Texas beat Nebraska today by taking advantage of our insistence on covering the pass while Texas was on offense and attacking the run game by  blitzing every time the Huskers were in position to run the read-option while Texas was on defense.  Nebraska had chances, but the receivers continually dropped passes (3 of which, would have been TD's or 1st downs inside the 5 yard line).  At the end of the day, the score was closer than it looked.  Nebraska had a terrible gameplan, and didn't execute very well.


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