N-ew E-xpectations S-ucceed V-ictory? Cautious optimism as NESV era begins

Pav MandairCorrespondent IOctober 16, 2010

Case closed................. According to Tom Hicks statement “This isn't over” legal proceedings regarding the whirlwind takeover of Liverpool Football Club are far from over. However, one fact that Kopites worldwide have been immersing themselves with, is the fact that the cancer that flowed throughout the club like a Sutter County flood has now been extinguished from England’s most successful club. After an elongated and turbulent battle, Liverpool fans finally won the war to oust its American owners. However, replacing a pair of Texan Yanks is another slice of Americana. Step up John W Henry, owner of the highly prosperous New England Sports Ventures, tasked with the uphill task of rebuilding a fallen and most recently raped empire.

It is no secret of how Tom Hicks and George Gillett have leached Liverpool Football Club with their asset stripping driven strategy to methodically dismantle Liverpool Football Club in their quest for profit. Their leverage buyout in February 2007 has saw Liverpool fans fall foul to false promises perennially, as Hicks and Gillett’s callous corporate tactics have driven a well respected sporting institution, with a tradition and code of conduct revered worldwide, sent to the brink of destruction faster than an automobile on a Texan highway. With the unforgotten promise of “a spade in the ground in 60 days” statement made on the bleak day they contaminated the club, to the claim that the summer 2010 transfer window would be a big one, neither have materialised with a boarded up Stanley Park and the ship stabiliser Roy Hodgson unable to name a full 25 man Premier League squad this past August. So after the perennial lies, deceit and torture placed upon Liverpool Football Club and its loyal fans Tom Hicks and George Gillett finally lost control of the club on Friday with Tom Hicks describing it as an “epic swindle”. Given the fact it states in Martin Broughton’s contract that he is eligible to do this it was all perfectly legal with the only “epic swindle” being the Livelihood of all Scouse hearts being systematically deprived. His claims of being “angry” “frustrated” and “devastated” are a mere understatement of the inner torture that he and his fellow callous colleague have made Liverpool fans feel.

Now once again I bellow, step up John Henry, just like a lot of Liverpool fans it is with cautious optimism. We all heard the promises made on February 6 2007 when Tom Hicks and George Gillett took over which looked like a positive outlook for the future, however we now see how that has materialised. However, Mr Henry did not make any promises, which makes Liverpool fans very interested in what NESV have in store for the five time European champions. This is a time will tell observation of what NESV have to contribute to Liverpool Football Club, a reason why the Premier League Fit and Proper Persons Test carries into the tenure of NESV’s tenure. There are a lot of expectations Liverpool fans have, with a new stadium needed and a frail squad needing augmentation in order for Liverpool to place themselves in good footing to compete. John W Henry has promised to listen to Liverpool fans needs and expectations, and must do very thoroughly with consideration and a mutual belief which is already apparent with John W Henry saying that We are committed first and foremost to winning. We have a history of winning, and today we want LFC supporters to know that this approach is what we intend to bring to this great club." Therefore NESV are already committed to winning, but must do so by maintaining the mantra and traditions of Liverpool Football Club, which has made it unique from any other club or sporting institution. Liverpool supporters have done everything possible to ensure this takeover transpires from protests in the city of Liverpool, to their excellent rally in July, to their mass email campaign to various global companies and organizations; with the Spirit of Shankly solidarity upholding ambassadorial role prudent in this integral charge. Even sectors of the Wall Street Journal have recognized the focal efforts of Liverpool fans and stated “Don’t mess with Liverpudlians” showing the widespread recognition that Liverpool fans have achieved for their Istanbul 2005- esque never say die attitude, to extinguish the dark cloud that has rained on their beloved club. A new era has begun at Anfield; John W Henry seeks to emulate his success at the Boston Red Sox by uplifting them from the depths of mediocrity and entrenching them to the summit of Baseball. The time has come again for NESV to cross the pond and end another wait for success and quench a starvation of another sporting institution, but NESV must perch the necessities and expectations of Liverpool supporters in order for the Liverbird now it has walked through the storm, to fly again among the golden sky of global soccer.