Nebraska Football: 'Twas The Night Before Texas

Nebraska FansContributor IOctober 16, 2010

It's Gameday!!!!!!!!!!
It's Gameday!!!!!!!!!!Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

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Twas the night before Texas, and all through my mind,

Ran nightmares of Texas, in caustic rewind.

Unable to sleep, wide awake here I lay,

Reliving each season, each game, and each play.


The year ‘96, with a three-peat in sight,

But with Texas between, and poised for a fight.

Three TD dogs were the ‘Horns on that day,

When a play action pass stole our hopes clean away.


And next I went back to the year ’98,

With the Huskers not dwelling in the vintage Big 8.

Our 48 game home winning streak disappears,

As Ricky runs rampant over Nebraska fans tears.


Then came ’98 and when they did it once more,

Although later that year we evened the score.

Still the damage was done and the tide turned their way,

Lady Luck up and left and decided to stay.


Oh Lord’s interception was a miserable sight,

Ending all hopes of an upset that night.

And just when it seemed things just could not get worse,

Bill Callahan showed like the ass of a horse.


Then was Nunn in ’06, and on that late 3rd down,

Aaron Ross brought the wood, and the ball hit the ground.

Texas emerged with a last-second three,

Still one year away from Coach Pelini.


But the worst of them all in this poet’s eyes?

The 2009 Championship Game Demise.

With Nebraska barely clinging to a small two point lead,

Disaster befell prior to doing the deed.


A kick out of bounds gives up too many yards,

Then a horse collar call by those striped retards.

Yet the defense comes through, or at least so it seems,

‘Til one second appears and crushes our dreams.


Yet a storm now is rising down in the Heartland,

As the Huskers prepare to strike up the band.

“The Texans are coming” shout schoolboys with glee,

For this time we have something for them to see.


No longer an offense that’s absent of skill,

But a quick-strike offensive that’s aiming to kill.

From our Blackshirt’s a message for the sons of the horn:

“Now we finish the job for which we were born.”


Yes, Texas will fall and the Big Red shall rise,

And the nation will see with all of their eyes.

The Huskers are back and redemption is near,

(We like our revenge with a side of prime steer).


So to Texas I say as Lincoln fades from your view,

And in your butt you find wedged one large cleated shoe,

Remember this message as our time here sets sail,


--Chase Francl