Can Jarrett Lee Lead LSU Tigers to SEC, National Title?

Joseph Gelis@@JoetheWriterCorrespondent IOctober 16, 2010

Jarrett Lee
Jarrett LeeKevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Jarrett Lee is gradually providing more and more evidence on the field that he may, in conjunction with Jordan Jefferson, be the answer to LSU’s woes at the QB position. Based on his on-field efforts of the past, I never thought I would someday be signing this song of praise for him.

However, this sometimes happens to juniors who begin to “get it” in the third year after playing like freshmen during their freshman year.

Lee deserves considerable praise after delivering a gem in Gainesville last Saturday against the Gators, especially on that last drive which resulted in a dramatic game-winning touchdown to WR Terrence Tolliver.

You can literally see Jarrett Lee growing up in front of your eyes with each successive play he is involved in. He has always had the physical skills, but now he is accumulating that all-important mental confidence and is now making more positive than negative decisions.

You really have to admire Lee for sticking with it at LSU given all of the grief he absorbed, especially in his freshman year, when many across the nation tagged him as the “Pick Six Machine.”

Now that it has been established that Lee has matured in his play under center and that he has perhaps been the best thing to have happened to Jordan Jefferson now  that some of that QB pressure has been lifted off of his shoulders, speculation is now building with regard to how far can Lee possibly take the Tigers.

His role in this dual quarterback rotation with Jefferson, which has paid dividends in the past two outings, looks to be the formula that provides the Tigers with the one ingredient that has been missing on offense; passing production and solid game management.

At 6-0 and atop the SEC as a top-ten football team at the halfway mark, can Lee be the missing cog in the Tigers drive to possibly another SEC championship under Miles and low and behold, be the spark for shot at a second BCS crown for the “Mad Hatter?” Stranger things have happened in college football and oh, what sweet redemption it would be for Lee if he wound up being a major player in such a scenario.

With the enormous talent found on the Tiger’s roster, it really would not be that much of a surprise if the Tigers wound up reaching such heights at season’s-end this year. It is just that no one throughout the SEC gave them much of a chance of even get close.

If Jarrett Lee has truly turned that corner and is capable of building on this success without any significant backsliding, watch out. A solid and productive passing game with key pass-catch combos in clutch situations, along with continued strong rushing from Stevan Ridley, et al., plus the Tigers’ continued speed and hard-hitting at all three levels on the defense, and who knows.

I am most assuredly a believer in the Tigers possibly being relevant on the national scene in early December, more so now than I was six weeks ago. And I have to say that the SOLE reason for this increased confidence at this point is because of Jarrett Lee!

The Tigers in a solo QB scenario with Jordan Jefferson are simply pretenders, but the chemistry and synergy provided by Jarrett Lee in this duel QB scenario has transformed the Bayou Bengals into true contenders.

With this tough stretch on their schedule rapidly approaching, this change could not have happened at a better time. This Saturday, McNeese State provides these two quarterbacks one more week to get comfortable in their roles and to iron out any remaining kinks.

Next Saturday against Auburn will not be a good time to still be doing any kink ironing as it figures to have a good shot at being a shoot-out.

Lets hope Jefferson, and now Lee, will have their guns loaded and their sights sharpened at days end, as we are on the eve of a very fun and pivotal stretch of good ole-fashioned SEC football.