Brett Favre/Jennifer Sterger Scandal: Where are the Facts? – Part I of III

Mary Ann ReitanoContributor IIIOctober 16, 2010

Jennifer Sterger in action
Jennifer Sterger in action

Part I—Who is Jenn Sterger?

Before Sept. 5, 2005, Jennifer Sterger was just another co-ed at Florida State University.  Thanks to Brent Musburger, whose incessant need to fill every moment of his commentary with little ditties to make himself memorable,  he single-handedly catapulted Sterger into the spotlight. 

A close-up of her at the Miami vs. FSU football game motivated Musburger to quip, “1,500 red-blooded Americans just decided to apply to Florida State.”

From that moment, Sterger began getting local attention and within months she went from a simple co-ed (majoring in criminology and psychology) to a young woman who envisioned her future in the limelight and was hell-bent on cashing in on her 15 seconds.  

First, there was the establishment of the Cowgirl Nation website where she touted herself as “Jen, ‘The Original’ Cowgirl.”  She added a few more co-eds to the ranch and in short order she and her cowgirls were local celebrities.

By April of 2006 she had begun blogging and YouTubing. Here is where things become interesting: MySpace.  After less than an hour, the lesson an old friend taught me quickly came to mind: Knowledge is power.  Not in the academic context in which it is most often used, but in the interpersonal sense; the more someone knows about you, the more they can use it against you.  Enter

First, let me say that I should be getting sympathetic deposits into my PayPal account for having read through close to four years of her blog posts. After the first four months of posts I couldn’t get Toby Keith’s “I Wanna Talk About Me!” out of my head.   

To say that Sterger has a very high opinion of herself would be an understatement.  Her posts focus more around what she does to keep herself in the mainstream of the sports pop culture than sports at all.  If anything, the sports world is simply a backdrop for Jenn.  Her lack of any sports analysis or even superficial commentary regarding the games she attended is very telling and she rarely references their outcomes. 

What we do hear about is all the “awesome people” she met, what a “great time” she had and an array of photos of her and “her fake girls” with anyone and everyone.  She certainly is a walking photo-op.

What is clear is that in the spring of 2006 Jen began jet setting all over the continental U.S. with multiple trips to New York and Los Angeles where she described attending meetings and photo shoots to help further her career and it still continues today—name-dropping galore: Maxim, Sprint, Sport Illustrated and the New York Jets.  

Then, of course, the necessary references to clubbing and all of the “losers” who tried to hit on her using the worst pick-up lines “ever” and just how “awesome” all the new people she met were. (Insert Valley Girl accent.)

I could go on, ad nauseum; Jen certainly is her own biggest fan. She describes herself like this on her various sites; “I call it like it is. I’m a brutally honest chick. I say what's on my mind: No B.S. No Drama. I hate girls who hate on other girls, especially people they don't even know. I hate overly vain individuals...I am a really vivacious person...just a good person...I’m the most loyal person you’ll ever meet...I’m loyal to a fault...I’m a pretend cynic...I laugh at my own jokes and swear people would find me a lot funnier if I had been born a dude. I'm an individual. I'm real. But most of all, I'm myself. You've never met a girl like me before and you probably never will.” 

Her Twitter account gives this brief bio, “I specialize in sarcasm & randomness... & occasionally sports.”

Considering the allegations she has made against former NY Jets QB Brett Favre, I guess this “brutally honest chick” may also want to add “self-aggrandizing” to her list of personal characteristics as well. 

So, would it be any big surprise if she was self-aggrandizing when she told her Brett Favre story to A.J. D'Aulerio, the editor at

Tomorrow, Part II of III: The Allegations.