Ohio State Vs. Wisconsin Football: Cheerleader Showdown of the Week

Drake Oz@drakeozbrSenior Writer IIOctober 15, 2010

Ohio State Vs. Wisconsin Football: Cheerleader Showdown of the Week

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    Conference rivals Ohio State and Wisconsin will face off this weekend in Madison with much more than just bragging rights on the line. 

    The 18th-ranked Badgers will host the No. 1 Buckeyes in a game that could decide who represents the Big Ten in the BCS this year.

    This is one of two games remaining on both teams' schedules that could prevent them from running the table the rest of the way.

    For Ohio State, a national title shot likely rests on the outcome of this game. For Wisconsin, a win establishes the Badgers as a legitimate Big Ten title threat.

    But none of that matters to me. The only thing I care about is which team has the hotter cheerleaders.

    Let's take a look back in history to find the answer to my question.

    Who's hotter: the Badgers or Buckeyes?

Ohio State: Dirty Girl

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    The fact that someone took the time to put this Ohio State cheerleader on "The Dirty" leads me to believe she probably doesn't have the highest moral character.

    But who am I to judge?

Wisconsin: Hit 'Em With That Flex

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    I've never been to Wisconsin, so I can't vouch for this. But it looks like these Badger cheerleaders don't mind hitting that flex every once in a while.

Ohio State: Who The Hell Are You?

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    What do you think the expression on that kids face looks like?

    Based purely on his body language, he looks like he's scared to death. That'll change when he gets a bit older.

Wisconsin: What's a Badger?

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    What exactly is a Badger? I don't think anyone I know has ever seen one.

    You think this cheerleader would know?

Ohio State: Spread 'Em

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    Any guy can appreciate a girl with flexibility, and this chick has plenty of it.

Wisconsin: Three of a Kind

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    At least two of these three have to be related in some kind of way. They sure look a lot like.

    I'm going to say the one on the left and the one on the right are sisters.

Ohio State: Hello, Blondie

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    I'm a brunette guy, but look how sweet she looks.

Wisconsin: School Colors

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    The good thing about this cheerleader is that she'll proudly wear her school colors even after graduation.

    Props to Wisconsin for having a redheaded cheerleader. Not many schools do.

Ohio State: Go Buckeyes

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    I'll admit that I'm not a very big fan of the Buckeyes, but even I can get on board with this.

    No wonder why Terrelle Pryor didn't go to Michigan.

Wisconsin: Seeing Red

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    I'm sitting here looking at this picture, and I can't help but thinking that the older woman in the background might actually look better than those cheerleaders.

    Plus, I should have cropped the grinning guy on the right out of the picture.

Ohio State: Happy Halloween

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    What proof do I have that these are actually Ohio State cheerleaders?

    The website said so. 

Wisconsin: Whiteout

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    And we have a winner for the most awkward picture of the day.

    The guy all the way to the left must be pretty short.

Ohio State: So That's What a Buckeye Is?

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    True story: up until I was about 12 or 13, I thought a Buckeye was a type of animal, maybe like some kind of horse or something.

    I'd like to thank these ladies for demonstrating what a Buckeye is and looking good in the process.

Wisconsin: A Guy at The Top?

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    Here's something I've never seen before: a guy at the top of a pyramid.

    Where are all the ladies at?

Ohio State: Cheerleader Of The Week

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    This Ohio State cheerleader, Allison, was named Sports Illustrated's "Cheerleader of the Week" back in 2007.

    Three people she can't stand: Rosie O'Donnell, Richard Simmons and Andy Dick.

    I like her already.

Wisconsin: Why?

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    Looking at this picture really has me wondering why there are hardly any pictures of Wisconsin cheerleaders on the Internet.

    Help me out, Badgers.

Ohio State: Some Inspiration

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    Sometimes it takes a little inspiration to go out there and perform each and every week.

    She should provide plenty of that.

Wisconsin: More Guys Again?

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    Something must be up in Wisconsin. There seems to always be more guy cheerleaders than girls.

    That has to change.

Ohio State: Smile For The Camera

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    The Buckeyes should take notice. If they beat the Badgers, this girl will be happy.

Wisconsin: Closeup Time

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    Not to be mean or anything, but some people just aren't meant to take closeups. 

Analysis: Who Has The Hotter Cheerleaders?

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    The Ohio State Buckeyes win this one in a landslide.

    Some of this may have to do with the fact that there are very few pictures of Wisconsin cheerleaders on the web. But the Buckeyes were just too hot for the Badgers to handle.

    Maybe a trip to Wisconsin would change my mind, but for now, Ohio State reigns supreme.

    I expect the result of this Ohio State-Wisconsin showdown to be the same on the playing field, too. 

    Though the Badgers have a very good team, the Buckeyes are still the No. 1 team in the land. I think Ohio State wins in Madison, but that game will definitely be closer than this contest.