Impact Ratings Are In: Bound For Glory Bump For Hogan, Hardy and TNA

Cec Van GaliniAnalyst IIIOctober 15, 2010

Though the exact breakdown has yet to be produced, TNA was seen by 1,900,000 viewers on Thursday night, the biggest for several months. Given last week's increase to 1.3, rough estimations suggests that TNA will post at 1.47 average based on its post Bound for Glory Impact show.

Contrasting to the WWE, where ratings are falling, TNA's are steadily rising in the last few weeks. With the imminent (probably January) arrival of Matt Hardy together with Mickie James, is TNA set to reach the magical number of 2.0 in the next few months?

There are still a lot of problems in TNA, as there are in WWE, but increased ratings allows for momentum, especially in terms of revenue and publicity. Ratings are not necessarily indicative of quality, of course, and they can be misleading, especially if certain people take the credit for its increase.

But if more are watching, it will allow TNA to build a new fanbase, especially from those who seem to be agitated by WWE programming of late.

The future is bright for TNA, but it needs to be consolidated.

The world is watching. It's now time to show them what you can do.