Dixie's Rebellion: 7 Ways TNA Can Right the Ship and Overthrow WWE (Eventually)

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Dixie's Rebellion: 7 Ways TNA Can Right the Ship and Overthrow WWE (Eventually)
Photo courtesy of TNA Wrestling

Much has been said on this site disparaging the TNA product. They decry it is a direct ripoff of WCW's dying days. They complain about the lack of air time for emerging stars. Most of all, they whine about the "dinosaurs" running the show. 

However, TNA does have some positive things going for it. It has a strong tag team division and a shocking heel turn has boosted the interest in TNA. Also, you would be hard-pressed to find bigger names in the wrestling business than Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair. AJ Styles is ranked #1 in the entire world, sorry Chris Jericho. 

TNA has all the tools to become a better product than WWE: talented wrestlers (AJ Styles, Jeff Hardy, RVD, etc.), the hottest story lines (like it or not, TNA has the hottest story line in the business today with the nWo revival), and it appeals mainly to the male 18-35 demographic, an area that WWE has struggled with due to the PG Era and the childish stories. 

This slide show will explore how TNA can compete with the monopoly that is WWE, if not take them down completely. It will encompass not only the wrestling product but the business side of things as well.  

Now remember, this process will take at least 5 years to occur, if not longer. If TNA can gradually improve day after day then they can reach the top. 

Here are some quasi-specific solutions to get TNA back on track. 

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