WWE's Squared Circle: With 2/21/11, Any Disappointment Is on Your Own Head

Al ConstableSenior Analyst IFebruary 8, 2011

For the last two weeks we have all seen the promos airing just as WWE programming is about to either go to a commercial break or is coming back from one. On 2/21/11 someone who is dressed in a trenchcoat will be making their presence felt on Raw.

For the most part people have felt that the mysterious person will either be a returning Undertaker or WCW Legend, Sting. After last Monday the promos continued using the song "Ain't No Grave" by Johnny Cash. General opinion now seems to be siding with the idea that on the upcoming date we will see The Undertaker return.

Before I get into what I truly wanted to talk about, people seem to use three particular facts against the argument that the promos herald the return of The Deadman.


1) The Boots Don't Look Like the Ones 'Taker Uses

There are two possible counter arguments to this particular statement (and in my mind the least convincing one). First is that the trailer might not necessarily have The Undertaker in it, especially if he is in the middle of a strenuous psychical rehab programme. It is possible that someone is merely representing Undertaker and is using whatever they can find around their studio to resemble his appearance. Hell, it may not even be wrestling attire he is wearing.

The second point I would make is that The Undertaker is notorious for freshening up his gimmick, especially after being buried alive. Who knows, maybe he changes what boots he uses. This is something I disucussed in the build up to Bragging Rights 2010.


2) He Doesn't Wrestle on Raw

Considering the is WrestleMania season I would not be surprised to see him crossover as many other wrestlers do. The draft divide is all but dead around this time of year with wrestlers only holding on to their show when the occasion matters. Alberto Del Rio and Dolph Ziggler in the past few weeks have made appearances on Raw. Why would it be out of the question for 'Taker (or his opponent for that matter) to do the same?


3) He rarely ever gets big returns because they are so frequent

People seem to believe that because Undertaker makes annual disappearances and reemergences on TV it would be odd for them to all of a sudden to hype him up for the latest return. This would be a valid argument if it wasn't going to be five weeks from WrestleMania on the said date. You can tie this into Reason 2 as well.

Last year the seeds for Undertaker vs. HBK II were planted from December 2009. There were little and major interactions building up to the big match. In the end the payoff was huge. If Undertaker does return in a couple weeks time he is likely to be pulling double duty. Appearances on Raw and SmackDown would not be out of the question to build up one of the three main matches leading into the big PPV.


Now with this said, while I do believe the promo is advertising the return of The Undertaker, I will not rule out any options until the day has come and gone. The reason for this is so I won't be disappointed.

I have read a lot in the last 24 hours stating that if Sting (or someone new) is not the mystery man in the promo then WWE has let them down. I would have to say that you are to blame for your own disappointment in this case.

Every story linking Sting to the WWE so far have been rumours with very little evidence backing their cause. The only recent "hard proof" I have seen recently is the removing of Sting from the TNA Roster page on the respective website. This confirms he is a Free Agent but not that he is coming to WWE. The company has not promised anything to the public.

In the end if Sting is with WWE then it's cool, but if not, don't get yourself down about it if he never gets a mention ever again. Professional Wrestling is a funny business, some days you get what you want and other days you get absolute squat.

Maybe some of those that would be upset by Sting not making a WWE appearance should question their enthusiasm. Do you really think Sting is coming or merely hoped and wanted to a point where you have disappointed yourself?

After all check my second sentence, that is all WWE have told us.