WWE Raw's Storylines and Wrestlers Going Downhill

Greg SpragueContributor IAugust 19, 2008

I was watching Raw yesterday and it dawned on me—the show is going downhill a little bit. It came to a point where i was watching a G4 podcast instead of a match or two.  

With the recent hiring of Freddie Prinze, Jr. as a contributing writer for the creative staff of the Smackdown brand, and the firings of a lot of other superstars or future superstars—including Colin Delaney, Stevie Richards, the Highlanders, Cherry, and seven other superstars and referees in the past three weeks—it's clear that Raw is going in a new direction.

A lot of the people who were released were, in my opinion, the future of the WWE, if they were used and trained properly. Yet what does WWE do? It uses wrestlers from TNA Wrestling that didn't quite take off in WWE or came up through the independent circuit.

Anyone catch who I was hinting at, CM Punk and R-Truth, aka Ron "the Truth" Killings?

Which brings me to another thing that ticked me off: I was watching smackdown these past three weeks or so and they have been doing promos for R-Truth, who I said before wrestled for TNA as Ron "the Truth" Killings and who used to be on WWE as the tag partner of Road Dogg Jesse James as K-kwik. Anyways, getting back to my point, I am not sure about his name.

R-Truth? Come on, anyone who watched WWE in 2000-2002 would know that they are going off of his old name. I digress. I really want to see how this whole R-Truth thing is going to work out and I hope that WWE starts using their young talent better instead of relying on their developmental territories. Also, I wonder what Chris Harris is going to do now that WWE fired him after a few months.