NFL Week 6 Picks: Plus a Few Words About LeBron James

Thomas Galicia@thomasgaliciaContributor IIOctober 15, 2010

I logged into Facebook today, and saw this post by LeBron James (well his people but you get the drift of it): 

LeBron James October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. Support the fight with LeBron.

Ok, cool, another prominent public figure bringing attention to a cause.

Then I read the comments, and while some were intelligent and thought out, others, well, looked like this (by the way, I'm not fixing any misspellings made by the posters, and I ask whomever edits this to do the same):

-Youre gonna get shanked

-F**k you

-queen james u the dirtiest b***h in the game! lol

-Damn! All That Devil WOrshippin You Do In Illuminati And Still NO Ring? And Lol Delonte West Banged Your Mom..Haaaa!!

-No one cares what u support u soft b***h I hope you tear your ACL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-go die Lebrun I hope u break a leg

-Lebron James supports cancer. Not cancer awareness.

-I hope you get breast cancer lebron

-Quit hiding behind causes. You are spineless. Maybe spine awareness month loser.

-hahhaah cant wait till you come back to cleveland! wana pull the racist card?? just wait!! grow some balls and realize you went out like a lil drama queen B***H!!!! and have fun living the rest of you life as one of the biggest liars in sports history d-bag hahahahahahhahah

- i witnessed the quitness in the EC semi finals games 4 5 6 go suck on Wades c**k

You get the point.

Now, were their level headed comments? Yes, a lot of them actually, even from those that don't like him saying that they still support the cause. 

Am I against expressing your feelings about something and venting? Yes, by all means; however, there's a time and a place for everything, and a post about Breast Cancer awareness isn't the place, sorry.

Am I for wishing negativity? If it's "I hope you lose," cool; but some of this other stuff like him getting cancer or tearing an ACL? Just terrible, regardless of the forum.

It just plain upsets me as a human being that people are allowed to say crap like this and are not held accountable to this.

Would you tell him that to his face? Go ahead, I dare you! Better yet, how would you feel if some stranger came up to you and said "I hope you get cancer" or posted that on your Facebook? I'm sure you wouldn't like it too much.

What makes it ok for you to do it to him or any celebrity when clearly its not acceptable to do to you (or anyone for that matter?)

And please spare me the "You're not from Cleveland, you wouldn't understand" crap. If the biggest pain in your life came from LeBron choosing to go to the Miami Heat, then I envy you for you truly have lived a very blessed life (and I myself will admit I've lived a pretty charmed life.)

If you hate LeBron, yet still have him on your Facebook friends list then I'm sorry, but you need to get a life. He's gone, it's done, it was 3 months ago.

And don't give me this while spiel about "you don't know the situation blah blah blah" if you want to cry and whine about it, write an article about it on here, believe me, you will get a lot of readers and be looked at as a hero to many, especially here on Bleacher Report.

But me, I see you as nothing but low lives for posting such vitriol on a post about breast cancer awareness. Cancer has affected everyone in some way, shape, or form.

Yeah, it might be nothing more than a publicity stunt, tax write off, or whatever, and yeah, he might not care too much about it in real life; however, isn't the fact that he is talking about it and willing to do something about it something that should count? Isn't that better than saying and doing nothing? And what are you doing about it?

How about this—instead of wasting your precious time bashing LeBron on a post about cancer, go out and do something positive. Participate in a Breast Cancer walk in your town, raise money for cancer research, volunteer at a children's hospital, something, anything to put out more positivity in the world—Lord knows we need it!

Get involved with something, the negative comments and bashing accomplish nothing in this world, I understand, you're upset, you care, he doesn't.

But if he didn't care when you loved him, why would he care more when you hate him? Why put out so much negativity? And why get your panties in a wad over his "Decision?"

After all, it's just sports, and in the end, it amounts to nothing more than a distraction to every day problems; yet, a lot of people on here and all over the place have made it their main problem.

That's sad, it really is.

Don't dwell on it, move on, take a breath, and put your energy into something positive, for if you put the energy you've given into bashing him into something positive, this world would be a much better place to live—period.

Now onto the NFL Week 6 picks. 

HOME teams in caps.

Baltimore (+2.5) over NEW ENGLAND

To beat the Ravens, one key is to have a good deep threat.

However, it doesn't help if the deep threat is in Minnesota. The Ravens D will stamp out the Patriots short and intermediate passing game, just like they did in the playoffs last year.

Ravens 27 Patriots 17

HOUSTON (-4.5) over Kansas City

What did we learn about the Chiefs last week? I learned that this is a team that has potential but isn't quite ready yet.

The Colts did everything to practically give the Chiefs the game, however they couldn't take the opportunities presented to them.

Now look at the Texans, now 3-2. They need this victory bad, worse than the Chiefs do.

Texans 38 Chiefs 20

ST. LOUIS (+8) over San Diego

The Rams must feel embarrassed over their loss in Detroit; San Diego must feel embarrassed over their loss to the Raiders.

I feel embarrassed for choosing the Rams to beat Detroit; however, I will not be embarrassed come Monday morning for picking the Rams to beat the spread, nor will I feel that way for picking the Chargers to eek out a close win.

Chargers 35 Rams 32


I know the Giants have woken up and did dominate the Texans, but Detroit is still 4-1 vs. the spread.

It will be 5-1 after this week, but the standings are based off your actual record, where they're 1-4, not the point spread.

Speaking of this spread, it's way too high for my taste, making it easy to go with the Lions.

Giants 17 Lions 10

TAMPA BAY (+4) over New Orleans

Is it too early to put the "One Year Wonder" tag on the Saints? When is the right time to do it?

Bucs 24 Saints 17

Cleveland (+13) over PITTSBURGH

Welcome back Big Ben—you couldn't have asked for better circumstances to come back to, at home against a bad Browns defense.

It's just too bad that Cleveland has an annoying little habit of keeping the games close.

Perfect spread considering the defenses and offenses involved, but I think Cleveland can at least cover, right? 

Steelers 38 Browns 27

CHICAGO (-6) over Seattle

Don't trust the Seahawks on the road against a team from a superior division.

Bears 31 Seahawks 20

Atlanta (+3) over PHILADELPHIA

Really, a team that's only a C+ at best is a slight home favorite against a team that's probably the best in the NFC thus far?

I mean, isn't Atlanta's lone loss to the Steelers, a team that so far looks to be the best team in the AFC (a stronger conference than the NFC this year)? 

Falcons 27 Eagles 13

Oakland (+6.5) over SAN FRANCISCO

Dear 49ers: If David Carr is the answer, you might want to change the question.

Now you're probably asking yourself, "how does a disaster season become more disastrous?"

Easy—falling to 0-6 and losing to the Raiders at home. Yes, it will happen.

Raiders 24 49ers 13


I see this game being a great shootout.

This game will be the game that A) finally puts to rest all doubts about Mark Sanchez and B) Shows that Denver might want to consider keeping Kyle Orton.

In the end, the better team will prevail. 

Jets 38 Broncos 32

WASHINGTON (+3) over Indianapolis

MCNABB! MANNING! I love a good QB battle and this one will deliver.

I'm going with the home team here though—Colts are looking mighty shaky, whereas the Skins are always tough at home and seemed to gain some confidence with their win over the Packers.

Redskins 34 Colts 27

Tennessee (-3) over JACKSONVILLE

You would think that for Monday Night Football the easy decision for this week would be "hey, Dallas vs. Minnesota, Romo vs. Favre. Perfect!"

Nope—I guess since the Vikings were on last week, they didn't want to have them on twice in a row. Makes sense.

But the thing is, none of these teams made the post season last year, and other than those who own MJD or Chris Johnson, it's not like a lot of people care about this game outside of Jacksonville or Tennessee.

Wait, I got it—this is the Fantasy Bowl. A lot of people own the Titans defense, Chris Johnson, and Maurice Jones-Drew—some lucky SOB's probably own all 3!

So while it's not high profile in the traditional football sense, in fantasy, this is a HUGE game.

That being said, I'm going with the Titans, better team as shown last week in Dallas.

Titans 27 Jaguars 10



Both teams need this game. It will be hard fought.

Yet due to Aaron Rodgers' concussion, there's no line. Whether he plays or not, I'm going with the Dolphins.

Crowder is back, the D is rested, and Henne has something to prove against a pass D missing key players; plus with Finley out, the Dolphins don't have to worry about their Achilles' heel this season, tight ends.

Then there's the fact that it's on the road, which should help out with confidence.

Call it a homer pick, call it insane, but I call it a win for the Dolphins.

Dolphins 24 Packers 20


MINNESOTA (-1.5) over Dallas

Vikings could've and should've won that Jets game. The Jets gave them plenty of opportunities, and Favre looked great against their Defense, despite some of the problems he had. 

But those problems come up short compared to that of the Cowboys. Dallas is very undisciplined and it shows. I'm not saying Jerry should fire Wade Phillips now, but Jerry should fire Wade Phillips after this season.

It will be 1-4 for Dallas after a trip to Minnesota, and more bad times ahead.

Vikings 27 Cowboys 10


OVERALL RECORD (vs. SPREAD) 41-35 (37-35-1)


Thomas Galicia may hate a lot of things and sports figures, however he doesn't "like" them on facebook or follow them on twitter if he hates them, and he certainly wouldn't write that they wish ill upon them, for he has a life. He also thinks he has a talent for picking NFL games every week. Look at his record, not very strong. However, he is funny, somewhat, and loves the Miami Dolphins, in fact, he's the writer of "Dolfan Diaries" and will be back with a new post Sunday Night. In the meantime, follow him on twitter, @thomasgalicia.


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