Creature Vs. Creature: Christian Deserves The World Heavyweight Title

Matt OffermannCorrespondent IOctober 17, 2010

If you're a Christian fan, you know the headline should say it all. There are, however, a lot of people who don't think this should happen. Most say that his reign of ECW champion was enough. Well, most of those people suck and don't know the half of it. Mic skills, wrestling ability, heel and face ruleage. He has it all.

So let's start with the objection I hear all the time: He has not beat any main-eventers or even hung with them. I think this objection is the dumbest of all. Wrestlemania XX was one of the greatest matches for him—he beat arguably the best wrestler in the world, Chris Jericho. It can be argued that Trish Stratus was the only reason he won. Yet as we see from John Cena's recent loss, it doesn't matter.

Speaking of John Cena, how about the fact that Christian pretty much propelled his career from an already high point to well over the mountain? We all remember the rap battles between the two of them that were funny as hell. They even had a triple-threat match for the title at Vengeance. If you have not seen that match, take a few minutes to watch it.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Now granted, he did get pinned, but there is no doubt he put everything into that match.

He has been in matches with all of the top guys: Jericho, Cena, HBK and even Hulk Hogan, to name a few. So that question is b.s.

Then of course there is the whole thing about how he quit on the WWE and went to TNA, so he shouldn't be given a title.

While it sucked to not see him in the WWE, I can't really say I blame him. Vince had been screwing him even before he left. I still think the only reason he actually left was to show Vince that he was main-event material. I mean, if you look at what he did from the moment he got there, there's no way anybody can say he can't be thrown into the mix and hold his own.

Now of course this all goes to the age issue. Christian is 37 right now. There have been older world champions. Although his body was put through a lot in his younger years, through all the tables, ladders and chair matches—or all three of them in the TLC match—he can deliver quality matches if given the opportunity.

Most of all, Christian does not deserve this title because everybody wants him to have it—put simply, he has earned it. He has put up outstanding matches, made the TLC match, with help of Dudley's and Hardy's, and has helped give new guys the pushes to start or further their careers. So if not because of talent, he deserves it because of what he has done for this company.

Last but not least, look at the picture. That is Vince's way of thanking Christian for all he has done. The world title on a show HE KNEW was not gonna last much longer.

So while Vince can screw him over and say he doesn't deserve one, that is crap—we all know he does, and hopefully Vince will, too.