Making Bobby Petrino Look Good: Rodriguez Jumps from WVU to Michigan

Frank AhrensSenior Writer IDecember 16, 2007

IconThe news is breaking this afternoon that WVU head coach Rich Rodriguez has taken the head coaching job at Michigan being vacated by Lloyd Carr.

Rodriguez met with his team for 10 minutes this afternoon to tell them he is leaving, and that he's not going to coach in the Fiesta Bowl, all but ensuring a blowout loss to Oklahoma. 

Rodriguez then walked back to his office, leaving players "somber-looking," the reports say.

Thanks a bunch, Coach Rod.

Last year, Rodriguez flirted with Alabama and extracted all sorts of facilities improvements at WVU, and a raise for himself and his assistants. One could argue that those will be in place for whichever coach takes over for Rodriguez.

But I won't.

I understand that coaching is a business, but Rodriguez is looking less like a businessman and more like an opportunistic party girl, listening to whichever big spender glances his way.

I will not debate the merits of Michigan versus West Virginia. What upsets WVU fans is that, no more than a week ago, Rodriguez told West Virginia media "you're stuck with me."

He's a liar.

At least Petrino was leaving a sinking ship. One can understand his rat-like urge for survival. At WVU, Rodriguez has an elite program only getting better, with the emergence of underclassmen like Noel Devine.

He was beloved in his home state. He was buds with the governor. He had it all.

But it wasn't enough. More, more, more.

What kind of lessons is he teaching Pat White, Steve Slaton and the rest of his charges? What about "holding the rope," and "not letting your brother go over the cliff," Rodriguez's mantras?

Oh, right. Those are for other people.

I can't describe how hard I'm going to be rooting for Ohio State next year.