Lou Dibella Fires Back

ChristianCorrespondent IOctober 14, 2010

Lou's class sets him apart
Lou's class sets him apartPaul Hawthorne/Getty Images


    Happy Fall Unified Champ. I trust that everyone has been well in these last couple weeks.  I have been very well. Although the overall state of the sport leaves something to be desired I for one have been tided over by the flurry of news and political movement that has shaken the boxing landscape in the last 4 to 5 weeks. Some of these headlines have been interesting to say the least while others were to be expected considering past events.  This writer would like to use this blog to examine the burning questions that have been raised since we last convened and I will also chronicle a little trip this writer took to the heart of Times Square


Questions and answers


  1. Andre Direll: Do you believe him?

No way.  Andre has been putting on a production for about 7 months now. I could tell that Andre had a flare for the dramatic the second he was awarded a disqualification victory over King Abraham. To me, and this is just my personal eye test, Andre was a in a fight that was getting rough and tough and when he had the chance to break out he took it with both hands. I have tevoed the conclusion of the fight numerous times and for the life of me I can not see the punch that caused Andre Direll to essentially morph into a different personality all together. Even his voice was different. The telling moment to me was when Showtime Cameras caught some of what went on in the dressing room after the fight. Andre to me seemed like a talented and compelling thespian. Ask your self this fans. How convenient is the timing of Andre’s announcement? His handlers made it seem like they had just discovered that something was wrong. Given the desperate straits that Andre seemed to be in that night one has to think he was given a battery of test directly upon leaving Joe Louis arena. Commission doctors would NEVER just send someone home with the so-called symptoms that Andre was exhibiting. This situation does not pass the smell test. My fellow writers tell me there is a much larger picture that we don’t have the ability to grasp. That is true, but its not because we do not have to the intelligence to understand, its because we simply do not have enough information. If I had to bet money back against the wall? Andre is full of shit


  1. The Loaded King?

I have been given a lot of grief in the past for jumping the gun on the perceived guilt of a person I am covering. To this day I cannot prove that Manny is juicing but my instincts tell me the allegations have merit based on the information I have. This investigative disposition leads me to believe that we need to take a closer look at an unsettling trend in Kings last two fights. If for the sake of argument Andre is not crying wolf then that will make two consecutive fights in which the Arthur’s opponent has been hospitalized with a viable brain injury. The type of injuries that derail or end careers. Jermain Taylor was so hurt after his fight with King that Lou Dibella, who was like a father to Jermain, recused himself of representing Jermain on the spot. Andre Direll according to those close to him is suffering from intense neurological complications. Both these fights took place after King moved up in weight. Did he feel the pressure of maintaining his power at a higher weight? Did he undertake a new type of training regimen that has given him true concussive power? Whatever the truth may be the first thing that came to my mind when Andre sang his alibi was the strange fact that King’s VERY last opponent essentially retired because of head injuries suffered at the hands of Arthur. Mabye if  Arthur causes a third persons brain to swell the questions that I am asking will become louder and develop some base



  1. What is the deal with Kelly Swanson?


I am sure some of you remember my encounter with Kelly Swanson at the Mayweather/Mosley press conference. You can refer back to that blog for all the details but long and short of it is she was tremendously disrespectful to me for no reason at all for an extended period of time. She made disgusting comments about my personal appearance and the magazine I was working for.  Which by the way is us. Given this memorable first date I was not surprised in the least to hear of her racist stance towards Pilipino reporters at the LA stop on the press tour. Kudos to Thomas Hauser for bringing this situation to light. I am not sure why this very ugly woman believes that she is gods gift to public relations and mabye the earth itself. Mabye she was the fat girl in Junior high or maybe she is not getting enough nookie. Whatever the case may be I am not alone in truly believing  that Kelly Swanson is a portly curmudgeon that shits on people who are just trying to do their Job.







Lou Dibella


I finally got back to covering fights last week. It was refreshing to this writer to be back in press row with my colleagues. The card itself was not exactly a torrid affair. While there were many knockouts it seemed like a lackluster night at the fights. The most intriguing fight of the night took place between to female heavyweights. It was Hagler/Hearns all over again. No clinching just punching. While the punching was not exactly accurate it was in abundance much to the delight of the crowd as B.B Kings bar and grill. I also got to catch up with some friends that I have not seen in while.  When I first got to the fight I spotted my main man Carlos from Bourica Boxing. I went down to the photographer area to greet him when I ran head first into Brandon Jacobs of the New York Football Giants. This was the third time that I met Brandon but it was the first time he was civil. Some of you will remember I got into an argument with him as the Lopes/Gamboa card at Madison Square Garden. This time was surprised at how open and kind he was. It was actually kind of a shock.


C: I know you promote Kendall Holt. He has dropped some fights and appears to be on the downturn. Do you believe this?


BJ: No way. No fuckin way (chuckles). He has been in with some tough comp. This is boxing, it happens.


C: What are you plans for him right now?


BJ: I had him set up to fight on the Tarver undercard in Oklahoma but based on conversations I had today it appears that wont be happening. Don’t print that until next week


C: So Brandon, there has been much talk about you wanting out of New York. I turned on the TV and watched you run against the Bears. You ran harder with more passion and grit then I have seen in two seasons. Some say you are playing for trade value. Others like me believe you want to be in New York, its just that you believe you are a starting running back in this league, what do you say?


BJ: Well first and foremost I want to support Bradshaw. All the running backs on the team support each other and that’s not going to change. Am I a starting running back in this league? Yes I believe I am. But its about the team and that’s it. I have no idea where the story about me being traded came from. I think its funny to be honest.


C: So you would not accept a trade?


BJ: I didn’t say that (=







After speaking to Brandon and one of his teammates I made my way over to Lou Dibella. Lou has been stuck on the boxing front page for one reason or another going on 4 months now. I had not actually seen him since a movie premier in June. The number one thing on my mind was Magic man. Paulie for reasons that defy time and space made some highly disparaging remarks about Lou and his outfit upon his unexpected contract agreement with Golden Boy promotions.


“ After seeing the way Golden boy does business I can truly say I was involved in a slave contract”


"Lou never promoted me the right way" and "He should be grateful to me for the money he made by leeching off me for all those years”



When I read the comments I was irate. I was irate because I have covered promotions in which I got a chance to watch Lou and Paulie interact. Its not like I kept an ever watchful eye over their intrapersonal dynamics but I did observe because it’s my job. Seeing Paulie comments brought me back to a situation in May. As some of you know I was present for the brawl between the camps of Khan and Magic man. What many of you don’t know is that I went back stage after the riot and got a first hand account of just how much Lou cared for his fighter at the time. Every curse word in the book on top of almost knocking our Richard S. When all of this was going on I remember thinking that even though Paulie was a B fighter it was clear that he had an A promoter. Magic man packs no power, no chin, and no lust for true combat. People call him a pure boxer. That’s bullshit. Cotto is a pure boxer, Mayweather is a pure boxer, Ivan Caludron is a pure boxer, Paulie is a runner and sissy. Given all of that it is a pure stroke of genius that Lou some how managed to get this clown a paper title and 5 or 6 major fights on HBO. 


In light of that I was innately curious about Lou’s point of view. It was his lack of words that were telling to this writer


LD: It all speaks for itself. What can I say? Real boxing people know the truth. The truth is I took a fighter to heights that exceed his talent. If Paulie is so valuable, such a cash cow, how is his promotional contract only worth 75,000? It’s comical and sad but oh well; I have younger and more talented fighters to concentrate on at this point. Give me a break


The day I saw Lou I had gotten a press release earlier announcing Andre Berto/Freddy Hernandez. The fight is set to take place on the undercard of Juan Manuel/Michael Kadsis. Many including this writer think it’s an anti-climatic  progression for Berto who continually claims to be the next big thing but never actually takes a chance when it comes to his opponent selection. I asked Lou his thoughts on the prevailing view that Andre Berto goes out of his way to tangle with C+ fighters.


LD: That’s a crock of shit. Freddy Hernandez is a big time puncher who has every right to be challenging for the welterweight title. Fans will be entertained at the end of the day and that’s what matters. What do people want? Who should Berto have fought? I think that’s a pretty uninformed view to possess. It’s a good fight for the fans and a sure fire challenge for Berto


Fans are saying that Berto waited until Paul Williams was signed to pick his next opponent. Fans are saying that he priced himself out of the Mosley fight. People are saying that Andre Berto is overpaid, spoiled, and has not earned the money he will make for the fight (purse of 1.25 million). What do you say?


LD: I have heard some of these things.  See Christian the people that feel this way are the individuals on the outside looking in. These perceptions are in direct contravention with reality plain and simple. We went about picking Andre’s opponent like we always do. Outside factors or other fighters for that matter did not influence us whatsoever.



I wanted to get into the Allan Green Situation but I figured that could wait next time I see Lou, which according to my schedule will be the Martinez/Pavlik promotion in Atlantic City November 20th.  Lou is everything that is good about boxing. He is a fair and honest promoter who is liked by all boxing people down the line. The very fact that perhaps his best work smashed him in the media is an outrage but I could tell by Lou’s initial reaction that he knows boxing fans by and large do not have much respect for Paulie at all. I know I don’t.



My thoughts


-       Who is Dereck Chisora? How does a heavyweight with fourteen professional outings land a shot at the lineal heavyweight championship of the world? I will tell you how; this move by Wlad is all about David Haye. For starters Wald is attempting to cut down on the number of all British showdowns that Haye could pull out of his hat, second, in the likely event that Haye produces a sizzling knockout Wald wants to make sure he gets the last word before the year is out. I have been very hard on David Haye for ducking the Wald fight but I have to give credit where it is due, he is playing Wald like a French Horn and Wald stooping so low in the heavyweight ranks is proof positive that Haye retains all the power in this situation

-       FMJ needs a life coach, stack

-       Cotto taking the rest of the year off was the best decision he has made in a long time. I wish him well although I will state that many view him as an easy mark, its getting him in the ring that will be difficult for anyone not named Manny Pacquaio

-       Thanks fans. The readership for the blog is at an all time high. I fully acknowledge that the numbers are not earth shattering but for were I started out last November to now is pretty cool to watch.

-       Gilbert Arenas is a dirty douche. I would not mind seeing him traded TODAY!


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