Creature Vs Creature: Here Are the Writers

Matt OffermannCorrespondent IOctober 14, 2010

Here are the writers for the Creature vs. Creature. 

Which wrestle ( EITHER TNA OR WWE)  Deserves a  World Title, But Has Never Had One?

Matthew Offermann: Christian

Henry Adams: Evan Bourne

Joe Burgett: Eric Young

Rize: John Morrison

Justin aka the Phamoo 1: SANTINO!

Atobe Keigo: Mr. Perfect

Iam D Real Deal Yo: Mr. Anderson (still pending participation)

James Chiofalo-Paul Birchill

Mark Preston- R-Truth

Austin Kilheeney- Kofi Kingston

Ricky Jackson- The Pope

Mr. Taylor- Goldust

Justin Thomas- Matt Hardy

So if I missed you, just let me know and I will add you to the list.

Good luck to all, and don't forget to put your article on my page so I can make a voting poll.