An Open Letter to the New Orleans Saints' Defense

Bleacher ReportAnalyst IAugust 19, 2008

Dear Defense,

Where did you go?

We used to have to "the Dome Patrol," but now it's like you think that the opposing quarterback isn't going to throw to a receiver that has 10 steps on you. All you ever do is watch other players' backs and chase them as they run for the end zone. Sometimes you catch them, and sometimes you don't.

You got your boy Vilma, and he is helping you play better, and he better be, considering that he is wearing Sam Mills' number, but what happened to you?

You went from bad, to worse, to horrible. You let tight ends beat you for touchdowns; even old Tom Benson could probably catch a touchdown on you and your defensive backs. What's up with that?

It seems like you need help, really, really, really bad. You're so bad that some seem to think that you are the third-string defense, but no, you are the first string. Sometimes the third stringers play better.

It's time to stop letting the offense do all of the work; you're not getting paid to watch Kevin Walter run past you. Even Reggie has starting toting his end of the load, so you need to pick it up.

You want to be called winners; you want to be called great, well then, EARN IT! That's your motto, so get out on that field and earn it. Earn those $$$ and please win us, your fans, a Super Bowl.

We believe in you. Show us that we aren't believing in a bunch of yahoos that can only chase people around all day. Geaux Saints! Who Dat?


Your Fans