Miami Hurricanes: What Needs to Happen Against the Duke Blue Devils

David MayerCorrespondent IOctober 14, 2010

MIAMI, FL - OCTOBER 9: Graig Cooper #2 of the Miami Hurricanes runs with the ball and eludes the tackloe of Lamarcus Joyner #20 of the Florida State Seminoles on October 9, 2010 at Sun Life Stadium in Miami, Florida. (Photo by Joel Auerbach/Getty Images)
Joel Auerbach/Getty Images

Duke posses little threat in my eyes, but then again, neither does Miami's offense.

Now don't get me wrong, Miami is in no way looking past Duke—I hope not anyways. Duke last week only lost to Maryland (4-1), 21-16.

Granted, Maryland isn't the greatest team either but they have only one loss, so it accounts for something.

This is more of a, "Who really are the Miami Hurricanes?" type game. This is a game where they should be able to get younger players into the action.

Reports have stated that third string quarterback Spencer Whipple will be Jacory Harris' backup this weekend due to an injury to regular backup Alonzo Highsmith.

Forget backing him up—I say they start Whipple.

It is not because Harris is that bad of a quarterback, although at times he has been outright horrible; it's more along the lines of this is the easiest remaining game on the schedule and Harris is hurt.

Whipple knows the system, especially with his dad being the offensive coordinator. The way Harris has been playing of late, this is the perfect time to start the backup.

Another person that needs to see a lot more action is Craig Cooper.

In last week's blow out loss against the Seminoles, Cooper brought a spark to the team; I also believe he brings in leadership they so badly need.

I understand that Damien Berry and Lamar Miller are doing a pretty good job, but what I saw from Cooper is something Miami has been missing all year—heart and the ability to attack the holes.

Cooper is a special running back: he has speed, quickness and strength. Berry possesses that as well, but his quickness is nowhere near Cooper's; Miller is very young and his time will come.

The only thing needed on the defensive side is better tackling. Like the Ohio State game, last week against Florida State there were way too many missed tackles.

Overall, Miami needs to come out and play some Hurricane football again. The lack of offense lately has been outright embarrassing.

The heart and leadership, which was one of the biggest reasons the Hurricanes of past where so good, is lacking.

Talent will only take you so far—you will never win without heart and desire.