Unforgiven on the Rise

Rex FultsCorrespondent IAugust 19, 2008

The 20 minute World Heavyweight Championship Scramble match with 5 of Raws top stars looks to be a good main event for Unforgiven. With multiple story lines all collapsing into this match the fans will get more than there money’s worth. Batista just came of a huge win against Cena in a blockbuster match at Summerslam. JBL is getting another chance to get back his torch by tacking the title from CM Punk. Our final competitor is the big red monster Kane who has been messing around with Batista’s matches for the past couple of weeks. There could be a chance of seeing Rey Mysterio but only time will tell when he will make his return after Kane has gotten a hold of him. This match is not the first of its kind, back when WWE was still WWF there was a Hardcore scramble match were whoever had the belt at the end of the time limit was the champion. Hardcore Holley was the winner of that match betting Crash Holley.

Jericho with a recent win over the current World Champion CM Punk could have his hands full with HBK who will be wanting to get revenge for Jericho fracturing his wife’s jaw. Triple H has just come of a giant win over the Great Khali on Sunday, But will there be any repercussions from the mighty Khali? There is also Jeff Hardy who will be seeking retribution over his lose to MVP because of the interference caused by the gold standard Shelton Benjamin this week on Smackdown.  Mark Henrey also will have his hands full with Matt Hardy after Henery almost lost his his ECW title at Summerslam, but can anyone defeat the world's strongest man while he has Toney Atlas by his side?

In the World Champion Scramble I think that CM Punks time as champ is up and we will see a new champion.  Jericho will most likely have a match against HBK in a special match so that Shawn can deliver as mutch punnishment to Jericho as possible.  I'm calling for a Last Man Standing match or a Street Fight.  Mark Henrey will most likely keep his title when he faces Matt Hardy tonight on ECW.  Triple H could have his hands full with some new challengers on Smackdown.  Two people coming off of huge wins at Summerslam are MVP and the Undertaker.  Only time will tell who is the champ or chump with Unforgiven on the rise.