Jags #1?

Ryan WardCorrespondent ISeptember 22, 2006

IconIf you are like me, you know that Peyton Manning is arguably the best quarterback we've seen since Brett Farve in his prime. The man demands complete attention every time he takes a snap, is extremely focused, driven and rarely makes mistakes. Everyone from the defending linebacker to a fan in the nosebleeds has their eyes on #18. Almost completely unpredictable at the line, he seems to call out at least two changes before the play clock goes to zero - and you will notice it always goes to zero.

The real question is: Who can compete with a team run with such an efficent offense and a dominant Quarterback?

Well, if you saw the Jaguars play on Monday you know the answer, as they manhandled the Steelers (who beat the Colts in the playoffs last year). Ben Roethlisberger seemed helpless, hesitating with every pass, being huried on almost every play. Even though they "say" Big Ben had a fever of a 100.4, I wouldn't take credit away from the Jags. They played their hearts out. It seems Byron Leftwich could be a force, and that the Jags are a team to definitely keep your eyes on! Can you say Super Bowl sleeper?

The true test for the Jags will be this Sunday at Indianapolis for an AFC South showdown. It will be a battle from the kickoff to the final seconds of the fourth. There are players on both sides that are questionable for the game who could be difference makers; you have Dwight Freeney, DE (buttocks) for the Colts, who is the core of the Colts D, and then you have up and coming quarterback turned reciever Matt Jones (groin) for the Jags. They are not the only ones questionable; there is also Adam Vinateri, K (right groin) and Brandon Stokley, WR (ankle), both of whom could deplete the Colts options as well.

I would say the Colts have the edge, even with the injuries.  Don't get me wrong; I think it could easily go both ways, but you got to be damn good to defeat the best QB and best team in the league.
I can't wait! The AFC South just got a lot more interesting.