John Cena Needs an Attitude Adjustment to Counter Wade Barrett

Steven SeeContributor IOctober 14, 2010

“It takes a real man to swallow his pride and turn the other cheek in the face of adversity that warrants retaliation and vengeance…and the crowd chanted 'Never Give Up, Never Give Up'”

On two recent Monday night RAW episodes, John Cena’s perseverance was put to acid tests where public humiliation and insults were blatantly hurled in his face by Wade Barrett, whose overbearing tyranny seems to have the seal of approval and consistent support of the anonymous GM.

Brashly labeling Cena “yellow bellied and pathetic” made the once-admired and respectable superhero of the CeNation fume with anger and frustration.

Though reluctantly sticking to his part of the deal (for losing the ludicrous HIAC match) and with his career clearly on the line, Cena was fighting back the demon inside him not to retaliate. In short, he was taking all the heat, and was unable to do anything to defend himself.

A sly grin flashed across Barrett’s face every so often, a twisted contentment that he was savoring every second of bringing the top face of WWE literally down to his knees.

While a visibly upset and forlorn Cena was sitting quietly in the locker room contemplating his bleak future, R-Truth came in and gave him a short lecture, which included questioning his loyalty to his RAW buddies should he be required to carry out orders by Wade Barrett.

On a parting note, R Truth suggested Cena should consider quitting as a means of escape from the Nexus mess in which he was presently entangled.

In the odd circumstances surrounding the Cena/Wade fusion of a love/hate relationship, the WWE universe would understandably be second-guessing on just how likely Cena would cause a Nexus stir, an outburst he made when he vented his fury against Michael Tarver a week ago.

While our train of thought is running at full speed, let’s cut right down to the chase and hatch some plans for Cena to accomplish this feat:-

An attitude adjustment is exactly what Cena needs right now!

Foremost, Cena needs a major attitude adjustment to get his priorities straight. At this stage of vulnerability, he must remain calm, steadfast and unwavering in his quest for justice, fair play and freedom. An uncontrolled volatile situation can instantly wipe out his career in a mere second, and he must absolutely avoid that from happening.

Undoubtedly, the initial step would be acting as an effective member of Nexus, and it is imperative he keep a low profile in the group. He must not appear to be a threat or raise suspicion of being an activist before he could even begin to show his true colors and play the Destroyer. 

He must try to convince the Nexus that he can be trusted to do as instructed, otherwise he might just appear to be the weakest link (or a subversive element), which can greatly reduce his chances of hitting back, and jeopardizing his entire plot.

It would take time to accomplish the initial steps, but it is not impossible, as trust and respect need to be cultivated first. Once he gains confidence from every member, including Barrett, a window of opportunity would open itself for him to take some drastic moves and action.

**When the time (and place) is right, Cena would work on undermining Barrett’s authority by proving his decision-making and judgment wrong.

Play internal politics and instigate conflict

With a considerable amount of trust gained (and respect earned), Cena would have most of the Nexus members on his side, while Barrett would look quite silly trying to bark instructions or unite his group.

Barrett is a smart-aleck and cunning manipulator, whose pride and huge ego are constantly in need of massive attention from the WWE universe. To outwit him takes a different kind of character, and Cena could do very well planning a psychological war rather than a physical fistfight to solve his predicament.

It would be conducive if Cena could find an opportune moment to instigate some measure of internal conflict between the members and Barrett, thus embarking on his next phase to oust the leader.

With recent developments, it appears like Otunga could be a formidable ally. However, it is too early to tell if this can be done, but Cena can include Otunga in his list of rebels. The support of Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater are just as important for Cena's cause.

Topple Barrett’s leadership and seize control of Nexus

Having accomplished above, it is about the right time for Cena to find an opportunity to betray Barrett by relaying incorrect information to the remaining Nexus members and cause a confusion within the group.

When the members start to question Barrett’s diminishing authority and leadership, Cena could quickly step in and seize control of the situation, thus stamping a strong foothold as a new administrator/negotiator between Barrett and his men.

This would put Barrett’s leadership in jeopardy, and insubordination from his cronies would be bound to occur.

Cena would more than likely be selected as a replacement Nexus leader when Barrett is caught in a web of intrigue.

Having total control of Nexus would be Cena’s ultimate achievement. Barrett could be ousted from his position or put into exile to complete the picture.

A new era of CeNexus may possibly begin to take shape. Freedom for Cena is only just around the corner, and whatever he may decide, it depends on the CeNexus appeal and the influence of the WWE universe.

Cena could still go on his own as usual, but that would be another story altogether.

By debunking R-Truth’s notion of quitting, this is how I envision Cena regaining his glory and dignity in the outcome of the Nexus angle. Justice will be served when Cena plays his cards right.

Do you think this could be the way things may turn out for Cena?

All comments are welcome. Thanks for reading and have a nice day…