Kane, what is this mess

Jacob LContributor IAugust 19, 2008

Hello my name is Jacob, this is my first story


OK, kane has brought this mask into the Wwe, a few weeks ago on raw, by saying is he dead or alive, well then he said that he is dead (the bag) so really when kane reveled the bag last week on raw, it was Rey Mysterio mask, now, notice this the same night kane brought out the bag rey had a match with santino marrela and that was Rey's last match (meaning he has not had a match since) so i have some predictions of what this story is going at, first i must say this, i read somewhere that Rey was injured so I'm thinking that kane will keep talking about how Rey is dead and then Rey will come back and beat up kane and they will have some feud leading into the next ppv, and that's really all i can really think of, one more thing i want to say, when Kane said that it wasn't his mask i was hoping that i was going to hear Gregory helms music, that's just what i was hoping