Dear 2010 Cleveland Browns Active Roster: Be Careful!!!

Shawn DeweyContributor IOctober 13, 2010

Josh Please be Careful
Josh Please be CarefulMatt Sullivan/Getty Images

Dear Josh Cribbs, Joe Thomas, Joe Haden and TJ Ward,


You may be our Four best players / future of this rebuilding attempt that we the Cleveland Browns have. Please see the below points of reference and heed them as a forewarning.


2007 Braylon Edwards: 80 catches 1289 yards 16 touchdowns. This quickly turned into a bloated ego and a bad beard, a West 6th night club fight and a ticket out of town, traded to the New York Jets. See you.

        Kellen Winslow:  82 catches 1106 yards 5 touchdowns . Now although he sometimes got a bad rep for his reckless behavior, he was at times a fan-favorite and showed glimpses of the play-maker that we all wanted and needed. Eric Mangini did not like you, and you wereTraded to Tampa Bay for two draft picks

        Derek Anderson: 29 touchdowns and a Pro-Bowl appearance: Anderson's 2007 season may be the biggest shock followed by disappointment in recent browns history. This was quickly followed by 2 bad seasons, a release followed by a signing in Arizona then a subsequent benching after 5 games for an Undrafted rookie.

2009  Jerome Harrison: Set the Cleveland Browns all time single game rushing record which also happened to be the 3rd biggest rushing game in NFL history. Jerome then decided to play hardball with the Browns and guess what, he was traded.


So to the 2010 Browns, Please play as a team. Learn to communicate and grow as a group. You will win eventually. The reward for winning as a team is simple: You will be treated as Gods in your adopted hometown.....


On another note, if you want to leave, here is some advice: Do not do it on national TV!!!! That will only make you look like a major douche bag. If you want to leave, be honest and upfront . We will forgive and forget.


Cleveland is a Football town. Please play as a team....