WWE Ratings Plummet Once Again: Gone is the Cena-Nexus Bump

Cec Van Galini@@MJA_GalbraithAnalyst IIIOctober 13, 2010

In news that will once again worry WWE chiefs, the ratings for their flagship program, Raw stood at just 2.9. Given last week's strong showing of 3.3, it means a loss of 13 percent over the course of a week. In actual terms, it means that since Summerslam, the WWE last lost around 750,000 to a million fans.

Last week's bump was surely based on curiosity of the Cena-Nexus angle, and while that can still provide some momentum for creative, there seems to be little else keeping fans interested. On the flip side, TNA has posted one of its strongest showings since the Hogan-Bischoff era with a 1.3-1.4 from their Live edition of Impact.

It will be interesting to see tomorrow night's ratings following the controversial Bound for Glory PPV. The WWE will remain in the lead for some time, but surely it has come the time for major changes to occur to ensure that ratings do not fall any further.

With Royal Rumble and Wrestlemania on the horizon, it is paramount that the WWE picks up momentum. A poor Bragging Rights will surely condemn the Survivor Series to history.

Ratings do not always equate to success or quality but it will no doubt send a very important message to the WWE—things need to change. Creative needs to deliver something new. We need fresh angles, new superstars and we need it now.