You Can Dance If You Wanna; The Most Memorable TD Celebrations in NFL History

Adam FergusonContributor IIIOctober 13, 2010

You Can Dance If You Wanna; The Most Memorable TD Celebrations in NFL History

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    The NFL has come down hard on Chad Ochocinco in the past

    Before Roger Goodell and company began taking all of the fun out of the NFL, touchdown celebrations were often one of the most entertaining parts of a football game. The Chad formerly known as Johnson, Terrell Owens, and Randy Moss are just a few of the guys who will be forever remembered for their antics once they reached the end zone.

Joe Horn Makes a Phone Call

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    Long before the New Orleans Saints were the talk of the NFL, it was up to wide receiver Joe Horn to provide the entertainment. Stashing a cell phone in the padding of the goalpost before the game, Horn immediately pulled it out after scoring a TD and made a mock phone call. Of course he was flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct.

TO Dumps Popcorn Into His Helmet

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    After scoring a touchdown in a 2007 game against Green Bay, Owens went to a fan standing on field level just beyond the end zone and filled his helmet up with the fan's popcorn. Apparently, TO was planning on putting on a show.

Kelly Washington Dances Too

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    If it's a Bengals TD celebration, the first name that comes to mind is Chad Ochocinco. However, Chad's style must have rubbed off on his teammates because this Kelly Washington TD dance could possibly make Ochocinco himself blush.

Terrell Owens Gives His Best Impression of The Ray Lewis Dance

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    In a game against the Ravens back when T.O. was still with the Eagles, Owens put on quite a show after this touchdown. After making fun of Ray Lewis, I would hate to have to catch a pass across the middle against the Ravens.

Randy Moss Moons The Crowd at Lambeau During a 2004 Playoff Game

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    Come on Joe Buck, where's your sense of humor? It's not like he actually pulled his pants down. After scoring a touchdown against the Packers at the Frozen Tundra, Randy Moss got creative with this celebration. Apparently there aren't any hard feelings from former Packer Brett Favre.

Terrell Owens Celebrates His Two TD's Against The Cowboys on The Dallas Star

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    The man affectionately known at T.O. has been mocking opposing teams for years. During this 2000 game against Dallas, Owens took the ball to the Dallas star at midfield after each of his two touchdowns. Talk about disrespecting an opponent. When Owens signed with Dallas years later, he repeated the same action, this time with cheers from the Dallas crowd.

Merton Hanks May Not Have Done Anything Outrageous But He Still Deserves a Spot.

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    For those of you who remember 49ers safety Merton Hanks, you probably remember him most for the incredible length of his neck. After he would score a defensive touchdown, he would perform one of the strangest celebrations the NFL has ever seen. Later known as the funky chicken dance, this is a celebration that may never be duplicated because not only does it look completely ridiculous, but there may not be another human being on the planet with the ability to bob his head in such a way.

Jermaine Wiggins, Johnnie Morton, and Break Dancing

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    Although these guys don't get the publicity of T.O. or Ochocinco, both Jermaine Wiggins and Johnnie Morton did some creative dancing of their own during these celebrations. Morton's worm is especially entertaining.

Steve Smith Does The Row Boat After a Score

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    After scoring a touchdown against Minnesota, Steve Smith makes fun of the Vikings boating scandal with a little bit of boating of his own, much to the chagrin of the Minnesota crowd.

Terrell Owens Shows Off His Cheerleading Moves

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    In case you haven't noticed, Terrell Owens is a pioneer in the art of celebrating after a touchdown. In this clip, TO can be seen taking a pair of pom poms from a cheerleader and showing off his true passion. Also, this video includes the infamous Sharpie in the sock incident, which prompted the NFL to ban players from carrying props on their persons.

Whether It Be Chad Johnson or Ochocinco, His Celebrations Are Legendary

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    Chad Ochocinco turned celebrating touchdowns into an art-form. What at first seemed to be a friendly competition between Ocho and TO trying to one up the other, eventually Ochocinco's shenanigans became far more frequent and more creative than those of Owens. 

    Whether it was him doing one of his ridiculous dances like when he performed the Riverdance in a 2005 game against the Chicago Bears or when he was doing his own version of the Lambeau leap against Green Bay, Ochocinco has become synonymous with touchdown celebrations.

    His outrageous celebrations have also included his infamous putt using the pylon complete with the Tiger Woods fist pump, a jump into the Dawg Pound in Cleveland, passing out gifts from a stocking, operating a television camera, and of course his proposal to a cheerleader after one of his many TD's.

    Sure Ochocinco incurred numerous penalties and fines for his antics, but the real crime is that he didn't score even more TD's.

    Of course Chad didn't have to score to entertain the crowd. He once handed a one-dollar bill to an official in a humorous attempt to influence the outcome of a review. Naturally, this resulted in another fine from commissioner Goodell.