Goldust Brings The Swag Back To a PG WWE

Point ManContributor IOctober 13, 2010

Goldust Brings The Swag Back To a PG WWE

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    Remember the name...


    Ha! Hello again writers and readers alike!

    I'm back after reading a lot of the articles here on Bleacher Report and I must say, the only thing I'm really "impressed" with in the WWE, as of right now is Goldust-- yes, the "bizarre one" himself.

    Let me throw some key points at you to think about.

Adapting Dust

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     I know you all remember how bloated and unimpressive he was looking in TNA right? Right? Remember that? As "Black Reign"? Ok, forget about it. The cool part about this past gimmick is that he was able to modify his created persona to a darker level for a much different show. 10 cool points for creativity and effort, Goldie.

The Legendary Theme Song

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    "Shattered Dreams", I think that's the name of his theme, correct me if I'm wrong. The theme song of Goldust has been with Dustin since the WWE (WWF back then) debut of his Goldust persona in the '90s. It still gets the crowd's reaction, it still sounds wonderful and dramatic, fitting his character perfectly. Of course there have been modifications and instrument changes for the better. If you have a good ear (or care enough, ha) compare his new theme to some of his old ones(available on YouTube) and you'll see what I mean.

    Yes, I have it on my Ipod.

Leaner and Meaner

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    Wow, the dude's in better shape than he was in the 90's even though he's 40+ years old now.

    He's apparently less stressed or eating right and it shows. The weight loss makes Golddust look more athletic and convincing in the ring. Just watch some of his matches when you get a chance and tell me they weren't more exciting than most of the main-eventers'.

    SIDENOTE: If Chris Jericho plans to hang around, a storyline between the two would be epic- just based on how different they are. It would be pay-per-view worthy and Wrestlemania worthy, just based on wrestling skill alone. I know, in the "WWE Universe" that's a stretch, but if Chris was planning on leaving, wouldn't it be a bizarre and unforgettable twist of events to battle it out with Goldust- looking back and thinking: How did these two ever end up in conflict and now at a pay-per-view? Tsk, tsk, tsk. If only....

    He is, however, involved in a significant storyline at the moment.....

Goldust VS Ted DiBiase Jr.- Okay, I'll Bite.

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    Goldust has been a midcarder for too long, even before I was watching WWF (WCW intially- before WWE).

    Now that he's back , he has entered into a feud with Ted DiBiase Jr.

    Goldust's new storyline: he covets the million dollar title and has taken it away from Ted.

    I like this- Goldust coveting gold- The Million Dollar Belt. Symbolic, as well as a play on this Gold-everything persona.

    Even his WWE rookie diva, Aksasna is rockin' the gold and the glam persona of retired Terry Runnels.. oop- that's for later.

    I think the main drive behind this feud is WWE Managenment wanting to push Ted by having Goldust, and all his glory, help Ted get over with the fans as a convincing heel.

    Goldust surely adds depth to Ted's 1-dimensional character as well as his girlfriend Maryse (who so happens to be my favorite diva, Natalya is a close second right now.

    SIDENOTE: Maryse is my fave diva because she is a convincing, and not-so-annoying-LAYCOOL- heel that only cares about herself and teases the crowd because she can have it both ways. Natalya started as a heel, but is a pretty convincing face with the Hart Dynasty. I like this for her. Hottest divas/women wrestlers as faces is boring and predictable.

    I will not tolerate Goldust as a jobber. Period. I'm optimistic about this feud leading to being things for Goldust as well.

    Goldie vs Ted DiBiase in an upcoming pay-per-view? Hope so, man, hope so. It's good to see Goldust on Raw and a pay-per-view with Goldie would be "Awesome", ....Miz.

Goldust Cranks It Up Another Notch- Marries WWE NXT Rookie Aksana

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    This, I did not see coming- Goldust weds Aksana to keep her safe from deportation!?!?

    He beat me to the punch. Drat.

    A storyline leap, but a good one in my opinion. This may mean something big stirring for Goldust.

    I didn't really understand Aksana's role and persona intially on WWE NXT, but now I see it: she is a perfect replacement for Terry Runnels(in the first pic) at Goldust's side. Think about the recent Raw when Goldust was standing there at the top of the ramp with Aksana, intimidating Ted DiBiase during his match. Goldust- with his disturbing affection for the million dollar belt and Aksana- her trademark kiss-blowing. That was forshadowing of his kayfabe marriage proposal to Aksana on NXT.

    It's perfect- couldn't have written it better.

    SIDENOTE: The fact that he's on NXT as a pro clearly shows he's being spotlighted for some significant reason. Every point counts people.


    Are you finally going to get that push you deserve Goldust?

Goldust As a Midcarder- Shattered Dreams?

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    It's time for Goldust to have it. You know, the real gold.

    Not Ted's fake Million Dollar belt.

    Not just another babe to accompany him ringside.

    THE belt. The WWE Championship.

    Jack Swagger is a great wrestler but has no swagger, Goldust took it all.

    He's a three-time Intercontinental Champion- back when the championship had real future champs behind it like the People's Champ, The Rock or the Rattlesnake, Stone Cold Steve Austin. He was in the mix during and before the attitude era, getting it done. Now what? Midcard for life? NO.

    No matter his past loyalty to WWE, Goldust's still has the "IT" factor--  mic skills, in-ring presence, crowd's favor, experience, and skill set to pull it off. To top it off, he's a great wild card character that can be put in any storyline or feud- face or heel, the crowd will still love him like they love all the unique/bizarre/mysterious characters (Undertaker, Mandkind, etc...) And dispite his midcard status, he's still intriguing every time he's on camera.

    All WWE management can do is not push him, he's too valuable to get rid of.

    Trust me though, Goldust as WWE Champ will create relentless buzz and may even get that PG rating under criticism to be changed to TV-14 for a while at least...

    WWE Management & Execs, when you're thinking of future WWE Champs, do us a favor:

    Remember the name.......GOLDUST.