Commander's Call: In Defense of the Alabama Fans' Whining, This Time It's Legit

Alabama VoodooCorrespondent IOctober 13, 2010

Crimson Tide face a daunting road, next 6 many will they lose?
Crimson Tide face a daunting road, next 6 many will they lose?Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Growing up with half of my family either Alabama or Georgia fans and everyone else around me predominately Alabama fans, the one thing I got used to was the perennial whining from their fan base.

Collectively as a group, they have a certain style or delivery that after a defeat it's the referees, or the other team played dirty, Bama just didn't care, etc.  

We all know how the story goes; here recently certain individuals were on the BR this past Saturday.


Posting Gems Like This

"WHEN the refs look good they really look good you guys are holding your ^(*&^ not one of you clowns will tell the truth they gave SC a first down when clearly Jeffries was short everyone watching the game knows he was short now you see what Alabama has had to live with for years on the first down before that to jeffries he clearly pushes off but i bet you &$# holders woont admit it fact is only team we cant beat is the ref."


Or This Pearl of Wisdom

And no, Auburn did not beat the same team Alabama play yesterday by 8. Auburn beat the South Carolina team that makes mistakes, that pulled their QB in the 4th qtr because of mistakes, not the South Carolina that played near perfect football @ home. That was the point, Auburn couldn't have beaten the team Alabama played yesterday. Take away all the mistakes South Carolina made and Auburn doesn't win. But that is how football goes, different team every week

Makes You Say Huh?  

But hold the presses, I've got a reason to side with the Bama Nation, this one time.  

My "redneck" brother who is an Alabama Alum/Season Ticket/Tailgater from Hell said something to me last night that I finally agreed with him on.

"This whole six games in a row with each team getting two weeks to prepare for Alabama is absolutely ridiculous!"  

I couldn't agree with him more.  Outside of the Iron Bowl, Auburn has two weeks after 11 straight games to prepare for the Crimson Tide.

It's unprecedented and truthfully sets Alabama up for what could be a two or even three loss season.

No Bama Nation, it's not the "Refs;" this time it's the Commissioner's office.  

It's a huge faux pas giving these SEC teams an extra week to rest and to prepare for a program that has a bullseye square on there backs.  Two weeks to prepare in this conference, is a definite advantage.  You don't agree?  

South Carolina is a very good football team but do you know why they beat Alabama?

Of course you do...Coaching.  Extra time to prepare a game plan by Steve Spurrier is like playing Russian roulette.  You are going to get caught.  

Now, the Tide has six more chambers with loaded rounds hiding in a revolver, who will it be?  Them or their opponents: LSU, Ole Miss, Tennessee and Auburn to name a few.  

Why do you think a team like Boise State is so successful when they play in BCS bowl games?  For one they are a great program, but Coach Peterson is a fabulous tactician.  Given the time he is going to develop a game plan that gives them an opportunity to beat a BCS Conference team, remember Oklahoma? 

The time equated (14 days) to prepare is golden in the SEC, anywhere for that matter.

Quite frankly, I don't know how the SEC as an organization allowed this scheduling mishap to occur.  It just seems a bit foolish, particularly financially for the league as it may cost the conference a BCS bid.  Fifteen MILLION dollars spread across the conference.   What if the SEC gets shut out of the BCS Championship game?  Can you say, bye bye money!  

Don't think for a second that it won't happen, the SEC not representing in the title game.  The way things are looking, albeit early, the SEC got hosed after Alabama got beat by South Carolina.  

This is disturbing, but I can't remember the last time an undefeated SEC team this late in the season was ranked as low as No. 7?  Oregon and Ohio State, sprinkle in Nebraska and Boise State; there is a good chance these teams finish without a loss.

Open Pandora's box, and you will see LSU and Auburn have about a snowball's chance in hell of finishing undefeated.  It could happen, but the competition is extremely vicious in the SEC West this season.  

Foolishly, the SEC allowed it's prized program to be set up with what is historically one of the worst slights to a football program's season (Non Probation). Not much in defense of the conference, only the biggest of Alabama haters would say, "Yeah Give it to'em," but not me.  

For once, I agree, the SEC not the "Refs" are screwing the Crimson Tide over!