The Birthday Boy: Omozusi Lets Newcastle Win

Andrew VorceCorrespondent IDecember 15, 2007

sportslogos.netIt had to be him. 

Elliot Omozusi, celebrating his 19th birthday in a very important match, looked to be heading into the night with bliss after picking up a point at home. 

But of course, picking up points seems to be hard for Fulham. 

Currently in the relegation zone at 17th place, Fulham once again conceded a late goal to find themselves in no better spot than they entered the game with.
They seem to on the verge of cashing in on much-needed luck at home to stay above relegation, until they dropped their chance at a point in the 92nd minute.
Alan Smith, the former Manchester United striker, nodded the ball towards center, and Omozusi made a needless challenge on Smith in the penalty area.  Smith went down, and that might be the same story for Fulham.
Joey Barton stepped up to take the penalty kick, and drilled home a hard, low ball past Antti Niemi.
The match only saw 20 recorded shots, 13 in favor of Fulham, three of which were on target.  Out of seven shots for Newcastle, five were on target.
Newcastle started the substitutions off with the introduction of Emre, and later, with Mark Viduka.  Fulham brought in Kaqi for extra attacking spice.
Neither teams really had many chances, and of the two keepers, only Niemi was really tested.
Newcastle's back-to-back victories have edged them into tenth place.
Fulham next face Wigan on the 22nd of December—a must-win match for Fulham, if they want to get out of the relegation zone.
Newcastle then takes on Derby County on the 23rd, playing again on Boxing Day against Wigan, whereas Fulham takes on Tottenham the same day.