Kobe Bryant or Dwyane Wade: Which Injury Hurts Their Team More?

Todd KaufmannSenior Writer IOctober 13, 2010

Kobe Bryant or Dwyane Wade: Which Injury Hurts Their Team More?

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    Dwyane Wade and Kobe Bryant.

    Two players who have revolutionized the game as we know it today. There have been great players throughout the NBA's history but some might say that none of those compare to guys like Bryant and Wade.

    For those of us that enjoyed the NBA during the Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Isaiah Thomas days, we'd argue with the fans of this generation that the game was never as great as it was during those days.

    Whatever the opinion, Bryant and Wade are arguably two of the best players in today's game but both will be dealing with injuries as the 2010 season opens.

    Wade could make his return to the court during the preseason but Bryant could miss at least the first couple of games during the regular season.

    Here are 10 reasons why having neither guy on the court for their respective teams is going to hurt them.

Kobe Bryant No. 5: Ron Artest Unable To Take The Lead

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    With Kobe Bryant out of the lineup, the roles will need to be shifted to different players that will be on the floor for the Los Angeles Lakers.

    But the one guy that will fall to, Ron Artest, is the kind of guy that can take hold of the reins of the team and lead where it needs to go. Or at least keep it on the right track.

Dwyane Wade No. 5: Three Kings Down To Two

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    With Dwyane Wade out of the lineup, the three kings will be less one.

    They'll be without a guy who can control a game from one end of the floor to the other.

Kobe Bryant No. 4: Who Will Take on The Role Of The Scorer?

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    Pau Gasol can score, but he needs to be set up. Derek Fisher can score but can't take over a game like Kobe.

    So he takes over the roll until Bryant can be back on the floor.

    Well, there's no one person that can. It will have to be the team that puts up the points and relies on each other to get the job done.

Dwyane Wade No. 4: No True Point Guard Without Wade

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    Dwyane Wade, with LeBron James and Chris Bosh in the mix, is the true point guard on this team.

    With him on the sidelines, that job might fall to one Eddie House but he doesn't have the same abilities to run the show.

Kobe Bryant No. 3: Derek Fisher Is No Breakaway Threat

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    When the Lakers get out on a fast break, Kobe Bryant is usually the guy that can break out of the pack.

    With him out of the lineup, they don't have the kind of person that can do that. Derek Fisher doesn't quite have the quickness he used to.

Dwyane Wade No. 3: LeBron James Isn't Always Defensive Minded

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    Dwyane Wade is one of those that can get in front of players, pick his pockets, and turn it into points.

    LeBron James isn't exactly defensive minded all the time and even when he is, he wouldn't make near the impact that Wade can on the floor.

Kobe Bryant No. 2: Teams Don't Fear Lamar Odom Enough For a Double-Team

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    Kobe Bryant has the ability to draw a double-team and find the open man. Lamar Odom, virtually invisible during the playoffs, isn't the kind of guy who can do that.

    There's no question he can hit the big shot, but there aren't that many teams who are going to double him up.

Dwyane Wade No. 2: James and Bosh Need Wade On The Floor

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    LeBron James can see the floor, he proved that time after time in Cleveland. But having Wade on the floor and not having to worry about being the one to run the show leaves them room to run the floor freely and work on getting open.

    Without him, it's probably James' show to run.

Kobe Bryant No. 1: Can Ron Artest Change The Momentum Just That Quick?

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    Kobe Bryant has always been known to be able to change the momentum of the game just that quick. If the Lakers needed a big shot, they always looked to Bryant.

    Who will be that guy with Bryant out?

    Artest? He can hit big shots but he's streaky.

    Fisher? Solid shooter but he's a spot up guy, not off the dribble.

    Odom? Needs to be set up. Not a guy you look for when you need a big shot.

Dwyane Wade No. 1: Can The Heat Count On Their Role Players?

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    The Miami Heat will have to trust guys like Mike Miller, Eddie House, and Mario Chalmers among a few others to carry the load alongside LeBron James and Chris Bosh.

    They can't count on two players to do everything while Wade is out.

Which Injury Hurts Their Respective Team More?

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    With the Miami Heat having two other superstars in their lineup in LeBron James and Chris Bosh, the Los Angeles Lakers will be the ones that will need the bigger band aid if Kobe Bryant is out for an extended amount of time.

    The Heat can rely on two guys that can score in bunches while the Lakers will need the entire team to put enough points on the board to get the win.

    They have to hope that Bryant is back soon or they'll have to hold down the fort a lot longer than they planned.