TNA Bound For Glory 2010, the good, the bad, and the ugly

SlamZillaContributor IOctober 12, 2010

Finally the big day has come and gone.  Bound For Glory is in the books, and Abyss can stop screaming about ten, ten, TEN !  But after all this hype, and months of promising answers to questions, did it deliver?  Was it worth the wait to finally find out who “THEY” really were, or to get some clarity on the “deception” that Sting, Nash, and Pope have been talking about?   Not so much.

     But first lets talk about the good.  I can honestly say that on the whole, this had to be the best pay per view I have seen in a while.  And that is between both TNA and WWE.  I really couldn’t find a match that I didn’t enjoy to some degree.  As usual, the Motor City Machine Guns put on a show stealer with Generation Me.  The Knockouts did a better than average job, and who wasn’t happy to see Mickie James back in the ring (even as a referee)  And even the goofy match between Ink Inc, and the oddball team of Eric Young with Orlando Jordan got a few laughs.  Of course the really good had to be the Lethal Lockdown match with Fourtune and Ev2.0 

     And that brings us to the bad.  The unfortunate thing about having a Lethal Lockdown match on a pay per view, that isn’t Lockdown itself, where every match is in a cage, is that it takes a while to set up and tear it back down.  This of course leads to countless promo’s, or backstage interviews to kill time.  I guess this is a good time for most people to get in their bathroom breaks before the main event, but it does seriously hinder the pace of the show.

     The other bad thing was the endings of the Rob Van Dam vs Abyss match, and the handicap match between Samoa Joe and Jeff Jarrett vs Sting, Nash, and The Pope.  In the case of Van Dam and Abyss, the match itself was great.  But again we were teased with not knowing who “They” were.  Which meant that we most likely were going to find out later.   Then when later rolled around, and the handicap match was going on, Jarrett walked out on his partner.  This was sort of confusing, and led you to believe that he was indeed part of this deception that Stings group was talking about, but still no clear answers.  That wouldn’t come until the end of the night.

     So begins, the ugly.  Jeff Hardy, Mr Anderson, and Kurt Angle are having a great main event, and up until now, the entire show has been solid.  Even Jarrett leaving his partner to get destroyed by his opponents was sort of fun to watch.  But then something happens that we are all used to seeing.  A referee gets taken out.  Out comes Eric Bischoff with a chair, followed soon after by Hulk Hogan on crutches.  They seem at odds, until Jeff Hardy gets between them.  Bischoff has one of Hogans crutches, and Hardy takes the other.  For a moment it looks as though Hardy may hit Bischoff, but then he turns and blasts Kurt Angle with the crutch.  He does the same to Anderson, then hits a Twist Of Fate, and gets the pin.  Jeff Hardy is now the new World Champion.  Once this happens, out comes Jeff Jarrett and Abyss to the ring.  It turns out, that Hogan, Bischoff, and Jarrett, are THEY.  This had to be the biggest letdown, that I’m sure most of us saw coming. 

    I can not even begin to think of the plot holes that litter this situation, and how little sense it seems to make.  My only guess is that the original plan must have had something to do with Paul Heyman, and when negotiations with him fell through, they went with Plan-B.  One can only hope that now that THEY have been revealed, we can move on to some more interesting storylines and feuds.  Aside from the ending though, I would have to give the entire pay per view a great big A+