Brett Favre Scandal: 10 Reasons Why No. 4 Is the New Tiger Woods

Elliott Pohnl@@ElliottPohnl_BRFeatured ColumnistOctober 12, 2010

Brett Favre Scandal: 10 Reasons Why No. 4 Is the New Tiger Woods

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    Brett Favre has spent the better part of the last three months dominating the sports headlines.

    First came his annual dalliance with retirement, which stole the spotlight in the preseason yet again.

    Then came word that the NFL was actually investigating the claims made by former Jets sideline reporter Jenn Sterger earlier this year.

    With Favre and the Vikings struggling, the national media has begun full-fledged attacks on his character in recent days.

    Sterger's allegations have highlighted Favre's greatest character flaw, one that we have often tried to overlook: No. 4 simply cannot be trusted.

    Here are 10 reasons why Brett Favre is the new Tiger Woods.

No. 10: He's Not Who We Thought He Was

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    Brett Favre, a father of two lovely girls, stood by his wife Deanna during her battle with breast cancer and overcame personal battles with addiction.

    He overcame tragedy, fought through adversity and learned from his mistakes.

    Or so we thought.

    Much like Tiger Woods, there appears to be another side to Favre, who has captivated us with his childish love of the game throughout his career.

    It's beginning to look like he hasn't learned that much after all.

No. 9: Blinded by Fame

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    Like Woods, Favre has attained incredible fame and popularity throughout his life.

    His career has been filled with astounding feats, and fame and fortune have followed.

    The country boy from Kiln can't help but feel a sense of entitlement.

No. 8: History of Womanizing

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    As far back as the early '90s when he was bursting on the scene as a young gunslinger for the Packers, rumors of Favre's rollicking, womanizing lifestyle spread throughout Northern Wisconsin.

    At the time, it seemed unlikely there was any substance behind the salacious talk.  That is all starting to change.

    As of yet, no other alleged infidelities and racy rumors about Favre have emerged.

    Tiger Woods provides us with a remainder that when there's one, there are probably more.

No. 7: Favre Doesn't Know How To Act

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    Favre probably should have known better than to risk exposing himself—literally—to a young, sexy woman like Sterger, who was desperately trying to scrap and claw her way into the sports media.

    Just like Tiger Woods should have known that his prominent place in society would eventually reveal his true passion in life, Favre should have known his actions were putting his reputation at risk.

    A little restraint would have gone a long way.

No. 6: Favre Will Have To Answer for His Alleged Actions

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    At some point, Favre is going to have to come clean, even if it doesn't happen with the world watching.

    There are plenty of people looking for answers, and Favre still has yet to deny the allegations.

    The relentless media won't stop asking the questions, and his entire life will be placed under a microscope in the coming months.

    Regardless of what the NFL finds in its investigation, the seed of suspicion has been planted.  That alone will be enough to make No. 4 miserable.

No. 5: The Allegations Will Hurt His Performance

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    Unlike Tiger Woods, Brett Favre doesn't have much time left to show he can return to greatness.

    After producing the best season of his illustrious career in 2009, Favre has battled chronic ankle pain and elbow tendinitis, while looking like a very average quarterback so far this season.

    Now, those physical maladies will no longer be blamed for his struggles.

    Like Tiger's golf game, Favre's production isn't likely to improve until the situation reaches some sort of a resolution.

No. 4: His Personal Life Is Taking Center Stage

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    Only a scandal could overshadow the beginning of a marriage between two of the greatest players ever to play at their respective positions.

    The return of Randy Moss to the Vikings Monday night wasn't the biggest story of the night.

    Nor was the biggest story what Favre had done on the field during his lone season with the Jets.

    Instead, the game took on an unusual dimension, starting with ESPN's pregame report claiming a tearful Favre had apologized to the team for creating a distraction.

    Suddenly, Favre's personal life has upstaged his performance on the gridiron.

No. 3: His Image Just Keeps Getting Worse

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    It took a while for Tiger's image to fall apart.

    Favre's image has already taken quite a few hits.

    His battles with painkillers and alcohol have been well-documented, and his habit of holding the NFL hostage each August has grown tiresome.

    Favre was already losing respect prior to the Sterger allegations.

    Things have gone from bad to worse.

No. 2: Brett Has a Problem

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    Tiger Woods didn't specifically say what he went to rehab for, but it was pretty obvious.

    Now, it's appears Favre will need some additional personal growth in order to repair his damaged image.

    Until he makes a statement about his alleged transgressions, Favre's problems won't get any closer to going away.

No. 1: Favre Will Need To Do Something To Make Us Forget

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    Society might not want to forgive its prominent members for wrongdoings, but history is filled with examples which show that a little repentance goes a long way.

    In the meantime, Favre will need to find a way to succeed on the field, regardless of his mental state or physical limitations at this point in his career.

    Like Tiger Woods, the best thing Favre can do is start winning—and look good doing it.

    It could be time for No. 4 to hold yet another tearful press conference.

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