Cena Vs Batista: A Disappointment It Wasnt

warcroftCorrespondent IJanuary 15, 2017

Well, here I am, eating my words.

After previously writing an article expecting the WWE to short change the viewers I am humbly admitting I was wrong and am happy to admit the WWE have restored some faith in me towards the company.

Cena and Batista put on a great show with some good moments and a great display of strength by Cena.

I sat through the match and as the minutes ticked by I was expecting someone to run down the ramp and cause interferance.

But the match played out unscathed. No run ins, no cheating, no low blows, no actions behind the refs back—nothing. I was very impressed! Not just in the match but in the WWE in letting this play out properly.

Come the ending, I was almost expecting the two of them to shake hands.

Thank you WWE. You did well by the fans.