NFL Fantasy Week 6: Best Bets

Jon RiceContributor IOctober 13, 2010

What a roller coaster Week 5 was! Peyton Manning no TD, Mo-Jo-Drew absent, and then we got a sign of things to come with Randy Moss installed in the Minnesota offense. Let's take a look at some key matchups in the NFL this week and see who the best bets are for some fantasy production.


Indianapolis vs Washington

Lets face it, the Colts run defense is pathetic, Arian Foster had his way with them and Jamal Charles looked good. If you are desperate at RB or have someone going on bye this week, do yourself a favor and start Ryan Torain. At worst, I think he has over a 100-yards and TD on the day.

Remember, Shanahan loves this guy, and  Shanahan could make a Pro Bowl RB out of a deep snapper. My eyes are glued on Torain the next couple of weeks. Also, it's looking more and more like McNabb and Moss are going to do great things in weeks to come, I think McNabb has re-established himself as top 10 fantasy QB, and it might not be a bad idea to start Santana Moss.

No Brainers- Peyton Manning, Reggie Wayne, Dallas Clarke and Chris Cooley


Kansas City vs Houston

This a game between two teams who need a win to prove they are for real. The KC defense looks good, but with Matt Schaub behind center he could go off for three TD's at any given moment. The Kansas city defense is a stretch to start at this point, 

Jamal Charles should be in your lineup considering Houston's D is just as bad as the Colts. Also, if your in a deep league or need a quick bye week filler do not hesitate to start Kansas City TE Tony Moaki, he really looks good the first five weeks, and we all know about the last Tony who is was in KC. Too bad Matt Cassel is behind center. 

No Brainers-Matt Schaub and Andre Johnson


Dallas vs Minnesota

This is gonna be a shootout. If you got Roy Williams, Miles Austin or Percy Harvin and yes I'm calling it this week Felix Jones start them. Alright, I know I'm being dangerous here, passing wise these offenses are clicking, the Cowboys more so than the Vikings. As we saw Monday night, Harvin is even more of a threat with Moss on the field, and Roy Williams has caught a TD in three games now.

No Brainers- Adrian Peterson,Randy Moss,Tony Romo and Jason Witten


Atlanta vs Philadelphia

So far, Atlanta looks to be the most complete team in the NFL, and they're doing it from all phases of the game. Philly looks like they're good to go with either QB. Look out for Brent Celek if Kolb is under center, he'll have good numbers. If Vick is playing you might as well consider him an offensive lineman.

Michael Jenkins is making his first appearance this season, I wouldn't start him, but he will open the passing game up for Matt Ryan and Roddy White, look for Tony Gonzalez to benefit from this too. Desean Jackson's knee injury in the fourth quarter against the 49ers doesn't look to be serious. He should be in your lineup without question.

It's getting to where Jeremy Maclin is producing just as much as Jackson, I have Maclin in one of my leagues and I've been starting him ahead of Larry Fitzgerald, and I have no regrets.

No Brainers- Michael Turner, Lesean McCoy, Desean Jackson, Matt Ryan and Roddy White


Baltimore at New England

This is the showcase game of the week to me, Baltimore is a Super Bowl caliber team, and as long as Brady and Belichick are together so is New England. In my opinion, I don't think Joe Flacco is a fantasy stud, and that's a shame considering the supporting cast he has at WR. So far, he has proven to be inconsistent and when times are tough Baltimore relies on their run game and stellar defense.

Look for Ray Rice to put up some numbers and if your in a deep league, Willis McGahee might not be bad either. Now on the flip side, Tom Brady and Wes Welker will be huge. Since Moss is gone, it'll take a week to see what no name WR Brady will make a star. 

No Brainers- Ray Rice, Baltimore defense, Tom Brady and Wes Welker



Tennessee at Jacksonville

Quite frankly, the fact this is a Monday Night game is a waste of America's time. If Vince Young plays like he did against Dallas the rest of the season, Tennessee will be a contender for that division.

Kenny Britt and Nate Washington will be excellent starts this week. You need to pick Britt up if he's on your free agent board, he is big and physical and the dude can jump. Also, if your in desperation mode at QB due to bye weeks or poor drafting Vince Young is a good start and should do you more good than harm. 

No Brainers- Chris Johnson, Maurice Jones-Drew and Mercedes Lewis


New York Jets at Denver

It's official Denver has no run game and more than likely won't the rest of the year. You have to start Kyle Orton due to the fact how many times Denver is passing the ball per game. Although, I do think this will be Orton's worst game through six weeks, but with the kind of fantasy numbers he's putting up he is worth the risk 100 percent.

Brandon Lloyd is reaping the benefits of no run game the most. Start him and start him every week until defenses figure out how to stop this aerial assault. Jets QB Mark Sanchez is playing like a seasoned vet thanks to LaDanian Tomlinson coming back to his old self.

At this point in time I don't see Santonio Holmes as a starter, I know Sanchez threw to him deep a couple of times, but he missed some catch-able balls Monday. He might need a few games to get to where he needs to be, Braylon Edwards is still the top dawg in New York.

No Brainers- Kyle Orton, Brandon Lloyd and Dustin Keller. Yes, LaDainian Tomlinson has made his way back to this list.


Oakland at San Francisco

Michael Crabtree looked good finally, and the Raiders played with heart against San Diego...that's about it on this one.

No Brainers- Zach Miller and Vernon Davis


Miami at Green Bay

Luckily for Miami the Packers probably aren't going to have Aaron Rodgers, and Jermichael Finley is out for sure. Look for the Miami defense to put pressure on Matt Flynn, and to completely stop Brandon Jackson and John Kuhn.

Until Chad Henne can prove he can get the ball to Brandon Marshall on a consistent basis, I'm not putting either one in my starting lineup especially Henne. Since Miami will be putting their offense in good field position all night, Ronnie Brown is going to finally have a coming out party this season.

No Brainers- Unless word changes on Aaron Rodgers there aren't any no brainers in this one.


Cleveland at Pittsburgh

The return of Ben Roethlisberger will push Pittsburgh as the best team in the league without question. Cleveland is resorting to Colt McCoy, you almost have to feel sorry for the poor chap considering his first start is against the Pittsburgh defense!

The Browns are going to run the wheels off of Peyton Hillis (I watched this guy play in high school, he's a freak athlete) and he will deliver, but it won't be good enough. Pittsburgh will run away with this one early and never look back.

No Brainers- Rashard Mendenhall, Pittsburgh defense, if Peyton Hillis puts up numbers this week than he's a no brainer from this point forward.


Seattle at Chicago

The acquisition of Marshawn Lynch will pan itself out this week for the Seahawks, you can't get much worse than Buffalo, so I think this will be greener pastures for Lynch. It's looking good for Jay Cutler to be a go this week, if he does start him.

No Brainers- Matt Forte

New Orleans at Tampa Bay

The Saints are not the Saints of last year, so you can't start Devery Henderson or Lance Moore and expect magical numbers anymore. Pierre Thomas and Reggie Bush are out and Drew Brees is left to do it by himself with a mediocre cast on defense.

Marques Colston is still a fantasy starter, and Brees seems to be taking some shots at Jeremy Shockey down field. So he's a safe start if your weak at TE.

Tampa Bay is surprisingly decent this year. Fantasy wise though, I don't see anyone worth starting. If you are in a deep keeper league WR Mike Williams should be snagged up immediately and put in a safe keeping.

No Brainers- Drew Brees and Marques Colston


San Diego at St. Louis

No Brainers- Antonio Gates,Phillip Rivers and Steven Jackson 


Detroit at New York Giants

Tom Coughlin has got the Giants playing on a different level, the same can be said for the Lions. Detroit will make this one interesting, but the Giants are on a mission. Eli Manning is spreading the love right now, Steve Smith and Hakeem Nicks are both safe bets this week.

No Brainers- Eli Manning and Calvin Johnson



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