This Year's Oklahoma Sooners Won't Be Needing Any Style Points

J.D. PatrickCorrespondent IOctober 13, 2010

Catch me if you can!
Catch me if you can!Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

That’s the catch phrase of the new BCS, “style points.”  Back in 2008 the Sooners needed all the style points they could get their hands on.  They started out that season beating up on everyone in sight.  That is until they showed up in Dallas, lost their quarterback of the defense in Ryan Reynolds. 

That's when the longhorns found that gaping hole in the middle of that Sooner defense, and drilled it over and over for a 10-point win.  If not for quality wins over Cincinnati and TCU, coupled with a string of 60-point games, the Sooners would never have had enough style points to overtake Texas that year.

This year is a completely different animal.  There isn’t a more criticized team in the Country that still has a goose egg in the “L” column.  The Sooners are 5-0 but that still doesn’t seem to be enough to keep the media and the fans happy.  Since Oklahoma didn’t beat up on Air Force and Cincinnati like they did Florida State it’s as good as a loss in the eyes of many.  Fortunately for the Sooners, the computers don’t have eyes or bias.

The only thing Oklahoma needs to do to end up playing for the crystal football is win.  That’s it.  They don’t need any string of 60 point games, or blow out their remaining opponents by 30.  They have the ability to now sit back and let Florida State, Air Force, Cincinnati, Nebraska, and Texas rack up all their style points for them.

Florida State is going to win the ACC.  They may even end the season as a 1 loss team and play in a BCS bowl.  Cincinnati has three losses but none of them are conference losses. 

Looking at the Big East, there’s no reason why Cincy won’t contend for that conference title as well.  Air Force and Texas won’t win any conference titles but both are good enough to rack up enough wins to keep the Sooners in the good graces of the computers.

Then there’s Nebraska.  While Oklahoma doesn’t have the ‘huskers on their regular season schedule, the collision course has already been plotted(some of us have already bought tickets). 

Meanwhile, Nebraska is the media darling.  The Nation is in love with them, and their new freshman quarterback.  A win against them in the Big 12 title game after running the table during the regular season will be more than enough to send the Sooners to Glendale for a shot at their eighth title.

Looks good on paper, but the games still have to be played.  Oklahoma’s remaining schedule is definitely one of the toughest left in the Country.  They still have two games against other unbeaten teams on the road, and an always dicey trip to College Station. 
Oklahoma doesn’t need to beat any of them by 20, they just need to beat them.  Do that, and watch the rest of the Nation cringe with disgust at the thought of the mighty Sooners playing in yet another championship game!

Boomer Sooner Baby!


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