Melis Peters Jr.Contributor IAugust 18, 2008

"HOME SWEET HOME"is the phrase around Valley Ranch as the Cowboy organization reports back to home headquarters after been away in Oxnard,California and Denver,Colorado for training camp.The Cowboys are finally back around family and friends,for some that is a blessing but for some it may be the biggest test they have ever taken.Peer pressure will play its role in the life of an NFL player,the new players will see what perks come to them by being on America's Team the media following them,fans following them,and many more opportunities.For some the magnify glass is watching every move they make,watching the company they keep former Cowboys D.Sanders,C.Hill,M.Irvin have their work cut out for them as they act as big brothers for these guys trying to keep them on the straight and narrow.Lets be honest as long as they are winning we the fans don't care but the NFL commissioner R.Godell cares and will lay down the law if need be.Don't think for one minute that NFL players are above the law but the city of Dallas does tend to treat their team like Gods at time.So to all the new guys to the city and team WELCOME to DALLAS!!!!!!!!!!