ECW Title Defense Worst Match In Summerslam History?

PJ@ThatGuyPJBContributor IAugust 18, 2008

SummerSlam was a good WWE PPV with nice clean pinfalls, but one thing clearly kept it from being a show that I would want to re-watch in its entirety.

Mark Henry's first PPV title defense as champion. He hypes his title defense in numerous interviews leading up to SummerSlam. The hopeless Matt Hardy fans attend the show wishing this is Matt's time to shine. ECW centers the every Tuesday night around this title match and hyping it up. So what do you think happens? They wrestle for 30 seconds! I am serious—30 seconds!

The endtrances for the two superstars took five times longer than the actual match. Maybe I should be ECW champion—I know I can wrestle for 30 seconds!

So my question is, Why even have the match on the card? What made WWE even want to hype the match? Why even switch broadcasters for this one ECW match? (that absolutely sucked).

I guess I am just disappointed that WWE would taint SummerSlam with such a horrible match on the 20th anniversary show. I know I am disappointed that I watched ECW and actually made a statement to my friend that, "This ECW match will be better than the Khali and Trips match."

Yeah, ECW made every fan feel like an idiot and a fool!

ECW has good wrestling every Tuesday night, but now you can take the ECW title and throw it in the GARBAGE. All Summerslam proved is that ECW is now garbage and that WWE could careless to keep ECW fans interested.

PS—Tony Atlas sucks.