NCAA Football Week 6 Thoughts and Opinions: Enter the Bowl Eligible

David HedlindAnalyst IIOctober 12, 2010


Me and My Big Mouth

Last week I proclaimed Alabama and everyone else would be the way the rest of the season would play out. I let the win over Florida convince me that Alabama was the best team in the country and that no one, SEC or otherwise, was close. I was wrong. I am not saying they aren’t still good or still one of the best but I guess there is now argument for who is the best.

Luck of the Tiger

Two weeks in a row now, LSU has pulled out a victory from near certain defeat.

First was the Tennessee mess up that allowed LSU another chance at the end zone and the win.

This week in the final minutes of the game, LSU was able to drive down the field, and with the clock running down, they scored the game-winning touchdown leaving just seconds on the clock. But this of course came with a fake field goal that may have been a forward pass. The fact that it was called a lateral, in my opinion, was kind of lucky.

And it isn’t just this year. Les Miles has a history of these kinds of wins. When will it run out?

No Luck Trojans

Two weeks in a row now, USC has had victory kicked away from them, literally.

Last week Washington did the same thing it did last year and beat the favored Trojans with no time left on the clock.

As if two consecutive years to the same team, in the same fashion wasn’t bad enough, Stanford went and made it two weeks in a row to a different team.

Last season Stanford blew the Trojans away; this season it was a lot closer. Stanford was down by one and 74 yards away from the end zone with just over a minute left. With four seconds left, they were only 12 yards away. On a chip shot they got the win as the clock hit 00:00, winning by two.


He is still good and will likely have a few more jaw dropping games and performances, but now we know he is human. He put up average numbers against Michigan State and was unable to win it all himself much the way he had before. This is another in the me and my big mouth series.

Undefeated match up, Michigan State vs. Ohio State…

Won't be seen this year. Now I am not saying both or even one will finish the season undefeated. It is a hard thing to do. But it could. And we, as fans will be robbed of seeing a potential matchup of any kind between these two teams.

There is, of course, the talk of these two being the only two undefeated teams at the end of the season and maybe meeting for the MNC but I wouldn’t put money on that.

Four Now, Two Later

The non auto qualifiers lately seem to be always coming down to the champions of the Mountain West and the WAC as the BCS busters. Normally it has been Boise State representing the WAC but let’s not forget Hawaii was there too. And the Mountain West is usually TCU or Utah.

This season Boise State is there again, as well as Utah and TCU. The fourth team is Nevada. This is the last game people expect to be a challenge for Boise State, and I would say the same the other way around too. Should these two meet both undefeated, the winner has a good track toward a BCS bowl while eliminating the other. TCU and Utah will do the same to each other before the seasons end for the Mountain West but will both have to face a few other challenges along the way.

Oregon State

Like a jet taking off so has been Oregon State football for the last few seasons. They start out slowly, losing games starting out around 2-2 and then pushing down on the gas and going 9-3.

They are doing it again. After losing, winning and losing again, they have started Pac-10 play 2-0 and now sit at 3-2. If history holds, they might lose another along the way to being right in the middle of the conference race down the stretch.

Dan Bailey for Groza

If Bailey doesn’t win this award, well, I don’t know what I will do but I am not too worried because I think he will win it.

Bailey is a perfect 32-for-32 on extra points and 11-for-11 on field goals. He hit two field goals over 50 yards and has four from between 40 and 49 yards.

Oklahoma State has a pretty good offense and will score points but they should still give him plenty of opportunities to continue showing what he is capable of.


As we hit the halfway mark in the season, a handful of teams are now eligible for bowl games. With only six games having been played, there are no teams that cannot make bowls but I would think that it is a fairly safe bet on who won't make it.

The official bowl-eligible tally is at six—Auburn, LSU, Michigan State, Ohio State, Oregon, and TCU.

Of note, Nevada is at 6-0 but plays 13 games this season and so must finish 7-6 instead of the normal 6-6 to be eligible.

The Worst

We have a few answers. New Mexico State defeated New Mexico and FIU took care of Western Kentucky. It is very likely that these two will finish without a win this season and be candidates for the worst team of DIA football in 2010. Still also in the running, Akron and Eastern Michigan.


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