Jon Fitch: What Does the Future Hold for Him?

Big BoyContributor IAugust 18, 2008

When Jon Fitch came out of his match with George St. Pierre his left eye was pretty much swollen shut and his face was covered in bruises. So after getting whupped so badly, what exactly does he do now?

He can't challenge St. Pierre to a rematch as he's already tied up with BJ Penn, so he's going to need to prove his worthiness against another welterweight opponent. I've thought of the perfect guy: Matt Hughes.

Think about it! The great Matt Hughes vs. the determined Jon Fitch! It'd be a fantastic match and I think Jon could really prove himself with a win over Hughes. I also like this because Fitch and Hughes are in the same kind of position.

They're both trying to prove they deserve the title and they're both very talented. I personally think this would be one of the greatest matches for Fitch even if he lost. It’d also be great training for his future rematch against St. Pierre as his regular pre-match training isn’t cutting it.

I’m not saying Jon isn’t training hard enough or anything, but if he wants the title he’s going to need even more practice and fighting against Matt Hughes would make him 100 percent ready.

It’d also be nice to have all those bragging rights, as it’d be such a big upset if someone as small as Fitch could beat an experienced, ripped monster like Matt.

I’d love to hear what you think about a Hughes–Fitch match.