Minka Kelly and the Most Manipulative WAGs Ever

RM HeroldFeatured ColumnistOctober 11, 2010

Minka Kelly and the Most Manipulative WAGs Ever

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    I have a couple of things to report. One of them is that Minka Kelly is hot. She is so hot that she was named Equire Magazine's "Sexiest Woman Alive".

    Here is one of the pics.

    What you don't know is that some common folks have reported that she isn't the nicest person to be around.

    All over the net there are stories of her ranting and screaming until she gets her way (Gawker has a couple of great ones).

    So here's a list of the meanest WAGs we could find. Some of them will make you want to run away.


10. La La Vazquez

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    By all accounts she is a sweet young lady.

    But most GM's around the NBA feel she will have a lot to do with where Carmelo Anthony plays his prime years in the league.

    She wants to continue her entertainment career and he loves his wife, so will she push for LA or New York?

9. Joumana Kidd

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    Her divorce to Jason Kidd with allegations from both sides of spousal abuse and her nickname in the press as "Hurricane Joumana" tells you all you need to know about the intensity of the ex-Mrs. Kidd.

    The word "diva" also comes up quite a few times in her bios.

8. Jessica Simpson

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    Some say it was her father pulling the strings, others say her dumb routine on her first reality show was just an act.

    Whatever it was, Tony Romo and Nick Lachey were both overmatched.

7. Madonna

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    She may not be what she once was, but she had Alex Rodriguez following her around like a puppy dog.

6. Tawny Kitaen

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    Yes, she was hot back in the day, and apparently she could swing a mean stiletto heel if need be, as well.

    Poor Chuck Finley found that out the hard way.


5. Robin Givens

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    The first person overall and the only woman to date that leave Mike Tyson disoriented and babbling in front of a camera.

4. Anna Benson

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    More folks don't know Kris Benson, but a lot of guys have heard of Anna.


3. Gabrielle Union

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    Dwyane Wade's wife cried out so much about Gabrielle taking her husband, that some blogs started calling her Gabrielle "break a" Union.

    Kind of funny.

2. Rachel Uchitel

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    One of Tiger's mistresses complained that he wouldn't even help her pay her rent.

    Rachel got $10 million from him and has offered to take him back.


1. Minka Kelly

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    So one story says she had a screaming fit because her dog wasn't allowed to sit next to her on an airplane. So much so, that she called Jeter to let him know what was going on...

    And the poor pilot had to come out and try to help calm things down.

1. Minka Kelly (cont'd)

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    Another story had her being so mean at the local Starbucks that even Jeter was turning into a Grinch.

    Is that enough to make you break up with her, though?

    Tell me, guys... is it?

    Jeter didn't think so, either.