My Fantasy Team: An Interactive Article

Trent AldermanCorrespondent IAugust 18, 2008

This is only my second year playing fantasy football and I feel I've done pretty good so far.  Last year I made it to the Superbowl and almost won, but thanks to meaningless games and team's choices to rest players, I lost. 

This year could be the same but I feel I've drafted well enough to go all the way and I'd like to know your thoughts.


QB Peyton Manning

Peyton Manning.  Need I say more.  He's the second best QB in the league, and he racks up big points by throwing tons of TDs every year.

# 1 RB Clinton Portis

I've started to have doubts about this pick, due to Jim Zorn's love for the pass but then again it is Clinton Portis.  He's a great running back with an insatiable ability to pound the ball up the middle, which comes in handy in the red zone.

# 2 RB Jonathan Stewart

This is a risky pick.  I waited till the later rounds to draft a #2 running back, because I've come to find that unless you have a great #2 running back, then they're all kind of in the same group as far as points go.  They usually rack up around 6-10 points.  Stewart has the ability to break out and become a great running back but first he'll need to beat out DeAngelo Williams.

# 1 WR Terell Owens

Yet again Terell Owens.  Need I say more.  He's arguably the second best WR in the league and he dominates most all CB's that try to cover him.

# 2 WR Donald Driver

Driver has been a great possession receiver for Favre in the past.  Now with Rodgers facing a field of youth in his WR's, I think he'll look for Driver a lot more in the endzone than just on third down, leading to many fantasy points for whoever owns him.

# 3 WR Bernard Berrian

Though Berrian is lining up across from Tarvaris Jackson, he's come out swingin in Minnesota and looks as if he'll do quite well for them.  I had Berrian last year when he played for Chicago, and he proved that he can still score points with or without a QB.

TE Antonio Gates

He's the best fantasy TE out there by far.  He's still recovering from a toe injury, but he wants of the PUP list now and feels like he's ready to play again.  He brought me around 10 to 12 points last year almost every game.  He loves to catch in the endzone and is good for around 80 ypg otherwise.

K Phil Dawson

I don't like to put a lot of stock in my kickers because, yet again, unless they're the best, then they're stuck with all the rest.  But, I still managed to pick up a good kicker in Dawson, and the Browns kicked a lot of FG's last year, so he'll be a good contributor to the points total.

Defense/Special Teams, San Diego Chargers

Third highest in points in fantasy football last year with a lot of big time playmakers lining up every week.


QB Matt Schaub

Now I know it's just a preseason game but did you see the performance Schaub had the other night?  He went 14 of 16 for 187 yards and two TDs.  He's a heck of a QB who'll definitely fill the spot during the Colt's bye week.

RB Chester Taylor

Peterson can't be on the field for every snap and Taylor is good enough to start somewhere.  He's probably the best backup in the league at RB.

WR Jordy Nelson

We haven't seen much of Nelson yet in the preseason but I feel that he'll fair well, and is currently competing with James Jones for the #3 WR spot.  He plays for a coach that likes to throw and is confident in his young QB to get it done this season.

WR Arnaz Battle

JT O'Sullivan should find Battle on a lot of plays considering that he's the #2 WR on the team as far as I know.  He plays for a bad team but will rack up a few points when Berrian is on his break.

Defense/Special Teams, Buffalo Bills

Well they've shown a lot of explosiveness in the preseason and look to be rising as one of the nations top defenses.  They've also got a lot of big time playmakers.

And that's it.  I think I've brought together a heck of a fantasy squad, mostly through luck in the draft, but I think I've got a good chance at the big time.

Let me know your thoughts on the team and how you think each player will do.