Brett Favre: 15 Other Reporters We'd Like To See Him Send Sexts To

RM HeroldAnalyst IApril 4, 2017

Brett Favre: 15 Other Reporters We'd Like To See Him Send Sexts To

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    Brett Favre has been setting records for years now. He has set records for most consecutive games, passing records, and is close to the record for most retirements.

    And pretty soon he will set another NFL record:

    First player to ever get suspended for "sexting" his private parts to an unwanted recipient.

    Here's a list of ladies he could try, since his first attempt failed.

15. Hannah Storm

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    Known For: her depth of sports knowledge and great smile.

    Possible Reaction: She is used to dealing with randy older sports guys, as she had an infamous run in with Tony Kornheiser about her outfits.

    Possible Response: She would probably host a televised A&E intervention for Brett with his wife as the key speaker.

14. Jillian Barberie-Reynolds

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    Known For: being one of the hosts of Fox NFL Sunday

    Possible Reaction: She is also known for having a sharp tongue and being able to give as well as she gets with the guys on that show.

    Possible Response: She would probably laugh and send him the 800-number to Extenze.

13. Lisa Guerrero

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    Known For: her quick stint as a Monday Night Football sideline reporter and several other shows as well as Best Damn... on Fox.

    Possible Reaction: confusion.

    Possible Response: Since she has posed for Playboy in the nude, she would probably just give Favre the number to her booking agent, thinking he was looking for post-football work.

12. Sage Steele

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    Known for: early morning ESPN shows, cute smile.

    Possible Reaction: shock, and a possible gasp.

    Possible Response: deleting the pictures, changing her number and throwing away the phone. And requesting time off.

11. Michelle Beadle

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    Known For: being the best thing about SportsNation.

    Possible Reaction: She would be crushed, as Favre is her guy.

    Possible Response: have the fans of SportsNation vote on what she should do.

10. Lisa Salters

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    Known For: being one of the best around and an ESPN vet.

    Possible Reaction: texting him back a threat on his life.

    Possible Response: carrying out that threat.

9. Melissa Stark

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    Known For: being a pioneer in sports reporting hotness.

    Possible Reaction: disappointment in Favre's behavior.

    Possible Response: She would probably write back a simple message: "SMH" and a frowning emoticon.

8. Tracy Wolfson

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    Known For: no-nonsense sideline reporting for CBS College Football

    Possible Reaction: intense stare.

    Possible Response: She would call Favre and ask him what exactly he was thinking when he sent the pics and how he feels right now, then she'd thank him for his response and send it back to the studio.

7. Wendi Nix

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    Known For: hosting studio shows and asking the tough questions when on assignment.

    Possible Reaction: most likely some curse words.

    Possible Response: She would probably write him back and include a "WTF" and possibly a "GFY" as well.

6. Lisa Dergen-Podsednik

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    Known For: working for Fox Sports.

    Possible Reaction: unimpressed.

    Possible Response: setting up a date and then having her husband, Scott Podsednik, show up and beat the crap out of Favre.

5. Jenn Brown

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    Known For: being a hot softball player who transitioned into a hot reporter and possible heir apparent to Erin Andrews.

    Possible Reaction: Hit Favre with a softball bat.

    Possible Response: look through her WWEAD handbook (What Would Erin Andrews Do), then send Favre a picture of a bottle of pepper spray.

4. Sara Carbonero

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    Known For: World Cup reporting. And biting her nails.

    Possible Reaction: She would bite her nails and try to figure out who Brett Favre is.

    Possible Response: She would write back, "Gracias, but No Gracias."

3. Carrie Milbank

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    Known For: The Hockey Show.

    Possible Reaction: stunned silence.

    Possible Response: demand that he get a five minute major.

2. Maria Sansone (tie)

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    Known For: being the co-host of LX New York.

    Possible Reaction: She works in NYC, so I probably can't print what she would say.

    Possible Response: a few more of those curse words.

2. Erin Andrews (tie)

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    Known For: ruling the sports and dancing universe.

    Possible Reaction: "I know he didn't!"

    Possible Response: sending him a picture of her attorney.

1. Ines Sainz

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    Known For: being a hot reporter/model.

    Possible Reaction: "Que?"

    Possible Response: using her speed dial number for Commissioner Goodell.