Can the New York Jets Buy a Championship Like the Celtics?

Danny PaskasSenior Analyst IAugust 18, 2008


It has been a very big offseason for the N.Y. Jets. Including the new addition of Brett Favre, the Jets added a total of five pro bowlers to their roster. They are a team coming off a 4-12 season who addressed basically all of their needs either through the draft, free agency, or trades. The total cost of their revamped roster was a few draft picks and $137 million in contracts.

The drastic overhaul reminded me of the great Boston Celtics’ successful offseason campaign of just a year ago which earned them a championship along with an executive of the year award for the about to be fired Danny Ainge. All the Celtics had to do was add two All-Stars in Garnett and Allen along with key reserves Posey and House.

Boston was able to blend perfectly, getting much needed help from their big name additions as well as getting nice contributions from former draft picks, especially Rajon Rondo. With that being said, the question remains; Is it possible for an NFL team like the Jets to blend as perfectly as the Celtics did after a big offseason?

Before landing Garnett, Allen and Co., the Celtics went 24-58, the second worst record in the league, which translated to a .293 winning percentage. The Jets winning percentage of .3 is basically the same before adding Favre and Co.

Just like the Celtics, the Jets had plenty of needs to address in their offseason. The Jets had a lack of a productive running game and weak offensive line, both of which go hand and hand. To fix their running game, they added three Pro-Bowlers, two offensive linemen in Faneca and Woody, along with fullback Tony Richardson.

The ultimate fix to the running game most likely just came with Favre. Even if Favre has lost some of his game, he could survive on reputation alone. No team is going to stack the box as they did basically all season when facing Clemens or Pennington. No. 4 provides the threat of going long every time, defenses are not going to take the chance of getting beat, and will have to fall back.

Favre has weapons in Coles, Cotchery, and new tight end Dustin Keller, who he already threw a touchdown to on his second series as a Jet.

To sure up the defense, New York went out and traded for Kris Jenkins, a Pro-Bowl defensive tackle who should stop the bleeding coming from the rush defense. They then signed pass rusher Calvin Pace to a huge contract, and used their first pick to draft another pass rusher, Vernon Gholston from Ohio State. With the development of linebackers Harris and Barton and cornerback Revis, I believe this defense will be at least in among the top 10 in the league this season.

Could all of these changes bring the Jets a championship? Can a blueprint of winning a championship in the NBA work in the NFL?

I highly doubt it. The Jets will no doubt be better and probably a playoff team, but Super Bowl Champions?

The Celtics had to get through the Cavs and the Pistons, then whichever team came out of the West. All the Jets have to do to get into the playoffs is deal with the Patriots, Colts, Steelers, Jacksonville, Chargers, and the other two teams who seem to come out of nowhere each season in the NFL.

With that being said, if the Jets in fact do make the playoffs, anything can happen. Case in point: last year’s World Champion New York Giants. They must get hot at the right time like the 2002 Pats did or the 2000 Rams did, well they were hot the whole season.

The NFL is a win now league and the Jets went out and got a win now team. Will the spending spree pay off or will it set them back in a year? Although New York finally got their franchise quarterback, granted he is on the tail end of his career, just how long will it last? I can hear the retirement talk coming already after the season is through, however, if the talk comes after a Super Bowl victory, I will gladly see him off.