Is Michael Phelps the Greatest Athlete of All Time?

Shane HouseAnalyst IAugust 18, 2008

Everybody these days is talking about Michael Phelps. At work, at school, everywhere and everybody I talk to tells me that he is the greatest athlete of all timebut is he really?

I mean I will admit eight gold medals is an extrordinary feat in itself and I could see the argument of him being the greatest Olympian, but greatest athlete?

I don't think so.

I am not saying that any other individual is better, it's just that I believe you can't compare one sport to another.

There are so many great athletes in so many sports that it's not fair to judge one against the othersometimes it makes one's records and accomplishments seem miniscule in comparison, and that's just not fair.

When Michael Phelps got those eight medals and defeated Mark Spitz's old record of seven, I feel it made him the greatest swimmer of all-time.  He will never be touched in that category, but comparing his accomplishments to those of other athletes is unjust, not only to every other event in the Olympics, but also to all sports in everyday life.

That's like saying Lance Armstrong is better then Michael Jordan because he biked farther distances. However, in all fairness, Michael Jordan could jump farther and higher than Lance Armstrong.

See my point?

Michael Phelps is an extrordinary person and deserves all the credit in the world for his accomplishments, but I am sorry to say he doesn't deserve the title of greatest athlete of all-time.

No one does.