UFC-WEC Superfight: Five Reasons We Need Jose Aldo vs. Frankie Edgar

Will AndersonCorrespondent IOctober 11, 2010

I'm not sure if you've noticed but the WEC is quickly establishing itself as a force within MMA. Most of this growing attention was thanks in part to it's resident poster-boy Uriah Faber, but the key feature of the promotion is shifting to current featherweight champion Jose Aldo. 

Since the UFC acquired the WEC back in 2006, they've slowly added their clout and power to the organization which highlights the smaller and faster fighters within the sport. As the company grows, It would quite interesting to see a potential cross promotional PPV super-fight between Aldo and the UFC's current lightweight champion, Frankie Edgar

The proposition of such a matchup either has you salivating in anticipation, or shaking your head; almost scoffing at this writer's idiotic idea. Well, regardless of how you feel, the conversation makes for an interesting topic to discuss, and below we've come up with five key reasons why this fight should happen:


No. 1 - Simple Numbers

The thought of an Edgar/Aldo fight is not that far off if you really think about it. Edgar is such a small lightweight that he wouldn't even need to cut much for them to fight at a 150 catchweight. Aldo on the other hand, probably wouldn't mind not needing to cut the extra five pounds.


No. 2 - Continued Growth

Can you imagine the level of press that this type of fight would get? A cross-promotion between both organizations would help grow WEC visibility within the MMA community even further especially with fans that only stick to watching the UFC. 


No. 3 - Great Style Matchup

A super-fight between these two great champions would make for an entertaining matchup. Both have great speed; with Aldo having an explosive and vicious striking arsenal, and Edgar having the type of speed and head movement which can not only match Aldo's, but also frustrate him enough to make a mistake.


No. 4 - Shifts Attention Away From the Big Boys

The smaller weight classes in MMA need to start getting more love. These guys are a great blend of speed, explosiveness, and skill. Unlike the heavyweights, they don't just lean on each other once they get tired because basically their gas tank is endless. 


No. 5 - Win-Win Situation for the UFC

With very little risk to either company's clout. It would be a great way to promote both companies. Infact, Zuffa could turn this into a an annual event which features nothing but great super-fights which the fans could vote on.