Catching Up with My Bleacher Creatures

Mike SalvatoreCorrespondent IIIOctober 11, 2010

Okay, you can admit it. You all missed me.

Upon my return to the B/R scene, I had to think long and hard about what I wanted to write after my five month sabbatical.

So without further adieu, I proudly present the top five WWE wrestlers EVER!!!!

Wait, that’s been done before? Well, alright, guess I can try my hand at something else.

In all seriousness, it has been awhile friends, and I figured in my return to the asylum I would keep it simple; just touching on a few major happenings within the WWE and give my own expert opinion of how I see things playing out.


I’m sure this group has been discussed in painstaking detail over these last few months, so I feel there is no need to rehash the past. However, I do feel compelled to weigh in on where I see this group heading, moving forward.

I love the addition of John Cena to the group, as well as the subtraction of Michael Tarver and Darren Young. My one hope is that they don’t make Cena the sole focus of the group, and if you’ve been paying close attention, might actually be the case.

Seems like the A-lister, David Otunga, might have his own little agenda for Nexus and perhaps they could be planting the seeds for a division within the ranks. He seems to be cozying up to Cena a bit, and he has started making decisions behind leader Wade Barrett’s back.

I would not be shocked to see Barrett win the WWE title within two months; however I see Nexus imploding by early next year due to the ambitious, cunning, and talented (well not really) Otunga unwilling to follow Barrett and creating his own separate Nexus (hello Husky Harris and Michael McGillicutty).

Plus does anyone really think the WWE would really willingly make Cena a heel? I’m skeptical to say the least.



Kane’s push these last few months has given longtime fans reason to hope that their favorite underappreciated superstar will finally get the world title push they so rightfully deserve. So Christian and Matt Hardy fans take heart, your time may be coming.

In all seriousness though, Kane was given the keys to the car, and he continues to deliver both on the mic and in the ring. His promos have been stellar, and even though I was opposed to Kane being revealed as Undertaker’s attacker, this feud has proven to be very entertaining; and we even got to see Paul Bearer survive being entombed in cement!

I don’t like the current direction the feud has taken with the urn being the Undertaker’s source of his strength. This screams mid 90's crappy WWF storyline to me.

I can see this feud playing out until Survivor Series where the Undertaker will finally overcome the odds and win the strap at the event where he debuted 20 years ago.

Matt Hardy

Seems like the supposed level headed Hardy may have taken some of Jeff’s pills these last few weeks. I’m not sure what to really make of this whole “Matthew” persona but I do know it seems like his release from the WWE should be coming any day now.

If Matt really is as unhappy as he claims, then a change of scenery will certainly do him some good. The guy gave his heart to the business, and it kills me that this is how his run with the WWE will most likely end.

When Hardy’s longtime girlfriend Lita was asked to weigh in on the situation, this is what she had to say; “What is the matter with that guy.” Ouch.


Alberto del Rio

What a breath of fresh air this guy has been. He is like the Hispanic version of JBL, except with more charisma and much more wrestling ability.

His promos have been excellent thus far, and I’m disappointed that Christian got injured when he did, because I believe that the feud building between these two would have lead to some classic matches and even better promos.

Leave that as it may be, the building feud del Rio has with Rey Mysterio should provide him with the staying power needed to eventually become a main eventer in the WWE.


NXT Season 3

Terrible, awful, and a gigantic waste of time. The divas division has already become a joke, and the idea to devote an entire hour or WWE television to women who are greener then Oscar the Grouch was the most ill begotten idea since this.

The fate of this show has already been decided as it can now be seen “exclusively” on

Hope this article didn't bore you all to tears, I know it's been awhile; bear with me!