TNA: Sure Fire Bound for Glory Predictions Tonight

RiZESenior Writer IOctober 10, 2010

TNA's Wrestlemania, Bound For Glory, will air in less than four hours from now. Observing the small amount of TNA traffic here on the B/R, I can honestly say most of you won't be tuning in. After watching every Impact episode from the past three weeks, I've come up with my obvious but educated winners of tonight's bouts.


TNA Knockouts Title with Mickie James as the special referee. 
Angelina Love vs. Velvet Sky vs. Madison Rayne vs. Tara

The Knockouts Division, like its WWE counterpart, has grown very stale this year. They have almost the exact same gimmick, except changing the heel/face roles around. The Beautiful People have officially reunited and currently have control of the Knockouts Title. Ex-member, Madison Rayne and Tara have been feuding with the two for quite some time. Honestly it's really hard to determine a winner with Mickie James being thrown in the bunch. BP have the momentum, but it's hard to imagine them being able to co exist if Velvet Sky is champion.

Winner: Angelina Love


X Division Title
Jay Lethal vs. Douglas Williams 

Doug Williams was on a role before losing the X Division Title to Lethal. Beating every top superstar in the X Division including Shannon Moore and Brian Kendrick. Williams was constantly bashed for not possessing the Die Hard High flying ability most X Division Wrestlers possess. Frankly, I agree. Lethal has been seriously pushed by management lately, despite a bump in the road named Amazing Red. Because Lethal is so early in his title reign, I'm betting on a good performance by the two but no title change.

Winner: Jay Lethal


TNA Tag Team Titles
Motor City Machine Guns vs. Generation Me

Match of the night anyone? Generation Me's heel turn was absolutely stunning. You never see guys of the Wrestling styles turn on their fans. Their beatdown on Shelley was brutal. Did you see that DDT? Ouch. Because of the matches, these two have put on in the past, and the revenge factor for The Guns, this match is going to be awesome. Ending The Guns title reign right now is irrational, so I'm going with another retain.

Winners: Motor City Machine Guns


Sting, Kevin Nash, and The Pope vs. Jeff Jarrett and Samoa Joe

This angle has to be one of the most puzzling of all time. Sting has been attacking random face wrestlers for months now. He's got Big Sexy and the Street Preacher backing him now. For what purpose? He verbally assaults Hulk Hogan on a weekly basis. He also targets Jarrett and Bischoff. Maybe Sting is implying a attempted takeover and he's the one trying to stop it. Samoa Joe seems blind to the situation. With Hogan's return tonight, I believe we're going to find out just what the Icon is talking about. Joe and Jarrett shouldn't be too much of a problem.

Winners: Sting, Pope, and Nash


Lethal Lockdown Match
Fortune vs. EV2

This angle is the most boring thing (besides Nexus) in professional wrestling today. We've already witnessed one Horseman remake. EV2 are all great wrestlers, but I think they're a little past their prime. But at least they're giving all the blood, weapons, and insane stunts the PG Era is keeping from us. Foley vs. Flair on Impact brought back some memories. That being said, a cage with multiple weapons. Not hard to decide a winner here.

Winners: EV2


Monster's Ball Match
Rob Van Dam vs. Abyss 

Besides the Tag Team Title match, this is what I'm looking for. Abyss has been absolutely destroying everyone in his path. Him and his girl, Janice have been wreaking havoc on everyone from Jeff Hardy to RVD. But Van Dam is looking for revenge. He obviously isn't 100% from the "attack". The most interesting part of this match, and the reason Abyss has been doing all of this is because of "They". Many have tried to predict who They are. Tonight the Monster will reveal them. Rob Van Dam hasn't lost a match since he debuted in TNA, but when you add his condition, and They to the mix, it's impossible to pick a winner. But I have faith in the Whole F'n Show.

Winner: RVD


Triple Threat for the vacant TNA Title
Kurt Angle vs. Mr. Anderson vs. Jeff Hardy

Ahh, the Main Event. The series of matches Kurt Angle and Jeff Hardy had were outstanding. The endings were outrageous. Watching Impact the past few weeks, Anderson or Angle are obviously at each other's throats. Heel turn looks to be in the works for one of them. Hardy winning this match isn't a possibility in my opinion. This could turn out the be one hell of a match. But since Kurt Angle threatens to retire if he loses, and he just signed a new TNA contract, gives away the winner. Need more proof? Recent Spoilers have Angle defending against RVD at a few house shows.

Winner: Kurt Angle