WWE Brewing Thoughts: Cena's Future, The Undertaker, and Matt Hardy

Josh Brewer@AlwaysBrewingCorrespondent IOctober 10, 2010

Dare I say it, but has interesting WWE programming returned?

For the first time in quite a while, I am looking forward to each Monday and Friday night. As an open WWE pessimist, I am oddly optimistic about the future of WWE programming.

Raw and SmackDown each have a flagship feud, the youth on both programs are starting to shine through, and the most anticipated heel turn in recent memory may be much closer than many have thought.


Speculation runs rampant as to the future of John Cena. Will he turn heel? Will he defeat The Nexus? Will WWE creative screw up a strong storyline once again?

Normally, I would put my vote with the latter, but I think this time will be different. Like many members of the IWC, I think this is the way WWE will finally turn Cena heel.

The way it will play out remains to be seen, but thanks to the incredibly hot crowd reaction to last Monday's opening segment, this story isn't going away any time soon.

With recent Internet reports pegging a heel Cena as the potential opponent for The Undertaker at WrestleMania XXVII, this angle is the perfect opportunity to set up that massive clash. 

The most logical heel turn would appear to come at November's Survivor Series, when a Nexus team of Wade Barrett, Justin Gabriel, Michael McGillicutty, Husky Harris, and Cena would take on the another incarnation of Team WWE in a classic Survivor Series elimination match.

In the match, Cena would end up costing Team WWE the match (as opposed to his recent resistance to joining The Nexus), explaining the next night that Barrett had completely turned him to the ways of The Nexus.

Such a turn would put huge heat on Cena, while making a potential match against The Undertaker the year's must-see match.


Even with the recent run of success Kane has seen, I still don't buy the Big Red Machine as the ultimate winner in his feud with The Undertaker.

While they may not clash at Bragging Rights, it is slowly becoming common knowledge that the main event of Survivor Series will be a Buried Alive Match between the two.

If Vince McMahon ultimately decides on another Undertaker/Kane match at WrestleMania (and all Internet reports indicate McMahon is quickly souring on the idea, while leaning toward Taker v. Sheamus at the big event) Kane could go over and bury his brother one more time.

But we've seen that before. Instead, The Undertaker could bury his younger brother, ending the final feud between the two. It would give The Deadman a final run as world champion if he is indeed set to retire after WrestleMania XXVII.


As the weeks go by, it seems more and more apparent to me that Michael Cole will be revealed as the anonymous Raw General Manager.

Cole's unjust sense of authority came to a head Monday night, when he gave Edge the proverbial business before announcing Edge' trade to SmackDown. His announcements have become progressively smug, save for the negative news he delivers to Raw's golden boy, John Cena.

If Cole is indeed revealed as the anonymous GM, it would be the worst possible outcome to a storyline that has grown tired with nearly every member of the WWE Universe. 

In fact, the anonymous GM would have to be someone like Triple H or The Rock to save the storyline that has clearly run its course. No matter who is revealed, it appears we as WWE fans are in store for a massive letdown.

For the sake of us all, I hope I'm wrong on this one.


Has Matt Hardy lost his mind?

Hardy's string of YouTube videos, in which he allegedly shoots on everything and everyone, are completely off-the-wall and, at some points, simply surreal. 

If he's truly acting like he says he is, he's quite the creative man. If not, he's in serious personal trouble. Unfortunately, with the personal demons his brother Jeff has battled, the latter is not out of the question.

In his latest "shoot," Hardy claims he used the videos in an attempt to get fired from WWE. Later on, Hardy claims his videos have earned him the "freedom" he is looking for.

There seems to be multiple contradictions in Hardy's videos. Regardless of what Hardy is truly aiming to do, or where he and his "characters" are headed, these videos come off as nothing more than an elaborate work. 

If he were truly "shooting," WWE likely would have sent the insubordinate Hardy packing. If Vince McMahon isn't concerned about Jeff Hardy being in TNA, I doubt he'd be concerned about Matt Hardy signing there.


WWE is shooting itself in the foot by having pay-per-views every two or three weeks. 

How can a feud be built in two weeks? Or even three? The feuds just don't mean anything when there is no build. 

The old slate of one pay-per-view per month was a strong plan, and it made the shows valuable.

Now, however, it seems as though there is a pay-per-view every other weekend, and the shows are starting to lose their value.

My concern is Vince McMahon's lack of concern for the viewer. While he has clearly been paying attention to fan reactions as of late, the ultimate payoff is the money pay-per-views bring in. 

We all know how much Vinny Mac loves money. Hopefully, he shows a little bit of love to the fans and cuts down on the PPV schedule.